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Smoke flavored memories...

Went to my friend Art's memorial service yesterday.

It was pretty good. It was held in a Unitarian church nearby their home and while I like the church I wasn't fond of the Reverend "selling" his church during the initial opening of the ceremony. Otherwise though he did good especially for the short notice they were given.

The get-together at their house afterwards turned out to be good as well.

Most of the time was spent in the garage with friends smoking tobacco and drinking Guinness. Both the beer and the memories flowed smoothly and it was an enjoyable time for all concerned.

At the end of the night I made sure to say a prayer over my friend's ashes and make sure that he was freely disconnected from them so he could go wherever he wanted to go. Fare Well.

Very proud of our furkid. No messes in the house while we were gone all day! Good boy! :-)

Need to clean up the house because it's become a little scummy but that's my fault. Got reminded of a good suggestion to keep the gnats down - spray the plants with tobacco tea. This will be fine because we don't have a cat and our dog has no interest in the plants at all.

Found a really simple constant-flow hydroponics design online that consists of two plastic 4"x4" fence posts with caps, a tote, some pvc, the net pots, and a fountain pump. It runs constantly but is super-simple to make. I'm not sure I want to give the design here since it's being sold on E-Bay because that would be a violation of someone else's copyright. And since I protect my own I don't want to be a hypocrit. ;-)

Anyways the child and wife slept a bit this morning but we're all a little frotzed from yesterday so likely other than cleaning we're not going to get much done today, Particularly I want to maybe get to repairing a Roomba charging circuit if I can. It's delicate work but I really need the practice with the smt rework station especially since I ruined Banpei's charging circuit traces using the soldering iron when removing the regulators.

And it behooves me to learn to properly use the rework station anyway because as electronics get more expensive and more smt in nature recycling them is going to be a bit more difficult. That said if you can learn to recycle smt components (within reason - some don't take the heat well) you can easily come up with a lot of things to use to make new circuits with. And smaller circuits at that.

I need to find a way to get up and pick up the new-to-me car from my mom. Maybe if my one aunt is going up there on Monday I can hitch a ride with her. If not then we likely need to do some work on my dad's Amigo before going up there. (He's got a wheel bearing and a clutch going.) Nevertheless I'll find some way to get up there as the car is a good stable 90's car that if given the proper attention will run damn near forever. ('98 Neon that's already had the head gasket and timing belt done among other things. Manual transmission.)

Been thinking about reprap 3D printers lately. And if I can somehow manage to save up the cash for one ($800 - $1500) I can easily think of a ton of things I could make with it to sell online. Everything from emblems to custom plastic project cases. They're damn good things for making small and, if creatively assembled, medium to large parts. I've even figured out how to create an entire laptop body using one of them. ;-)


The problem with cloud flavored dreams is that the wind is so strong...

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