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Itchy is as itchy does...

January 13, 2011 1:39 AM 1/13/11

So...I’m almost 2 a.m.

Why am I awake do you ask? Well one reason is because while I was busy studying someone failed to wake our daughter up from her impromptu nap and give her the dose of melatonin she gets every night so we can all sleep well. She’s been awake again since about 11:30 p.m.

And I can’t give it to her now or she’ll sleep too long and be groggy on the bus today.

Now on top of this something in the master bedroom is making me itchy. It feels like things are jumping on my face but I see no bite marks nor does my wife feel anything. I’ve checked for bedbugs and signs of fleas to no avail so it’s either something in the bedding or something in the air. I’m running the air filter but it doesn’t seem to be helping. It may be a static/humidity thing so perhaps our humidifier will help. (No mom you didn’t take any fleas home with you.)

I’m going to wash the bedding and powder the mattress today provided my unemployment comes in. It almost certainly isn’t necessary but it’ll make me feel better mentally. The trick is that if it comes back immediately then it’s obviously not a bug but something reacting with my skin or my own brainpan making me itchy. That’s a more difficult problem to solve.

In other news I managed to get an 84% on the practice CCNA exam in certification mode. That means no answers, no hints, and timed for 90 minute duration. Going to have the wife feed me random questions out of the book this afternoon/evening when she gets home from work. If I can answer a lot of those right then it’ll prove I’m learning the material not the test. I’m hoping for the former. Anyway I need a 90% or better twice in a row on the practice exam before they’ll pay for the test so I’m getting closer.

Got to get to taking the real exam here soon. This has gone on way too long and I need to get that certification established. Though if I don’t pass it (and maybe even before taking it) I may audit the class again. I should have reliable transportation here again soon one way or another so driving to Lombard for 6 weeks again if need be if not too bad a proposition.

The new-to-me transport is something close to the age of my truck but with considerably newer parts and a whole hell of a lot less miles. I’m getting my mother’s ’98 Dodge Neon with the 5-speed and DOHC. It’s already had a head gasket done at least once and the timing belt as well as a number of other repairs. It’s got about 192k on it but for those cars that’s not bad as long as they are maintained and this one I know the history of. And I can make a clutch last forever almost. ;-)

Speaking of transport I have to make an effort to re-do the carbs on the motorcycle before winter ends. I’ve got all the gaskets and the replacement jets so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get it all done. The hard part will be synching them all because I mistakenly buried one of my vacuum gauges because the glass was busted and I thought it was dead. Turns out not so much. So I have to find out which box that is in and re-attach it to the four gauge panel so I can synch all four carbs at once. It’s a hell of a lot easier that way.

And that bike needs new tires as well. Not sure where the money is going to come from for that but I’ll find it somewhere.

“Money. I’m sick of the talk of it.”

Hopefully the CCNA cert will do it’s job and help net me employment in an area that will pay the bills and not suck.

I’m still hoping to make a living on something from my creative side in the future but those things often come slow. I think as well as studying for the CCNA I will take time to watch the drawing VHS tapes we have here. I really need some instruction in just standard drawing techniques as well as learning to draw the human form and human expressions. That’s the one thing preventing me from putting a story I’ve written to pictures - I can’t yet make what’s in my head for images appear on the paper. I’m just not trained for it yet and I certainly haven’t practiced it on my own.

Far too much on my mind of late...

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