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I drive a Neon now...Neons are cool.

So I picked up my mother's old car today - a 1998 Dodge Neon 4dr coupe in green. 2.0L DOHC with a 5-speed manual transmission. Also feels like a sport suspension/steering package on that car. Very soft clutch though compared to my truck and other vehicles I've driven.

All in all it's in very good shape and only needs minor things here and there. Like a re-wire for the stereo speakers if the stereo itself is good. Only the rear speakers work.

On the way home though I got stopped because my mother took her plates. This is not a problem in Wisconsin because you have 48 hours to get plates onto the vehicle after purchase. (No skin off mom's nose - really. I mean that.)

In Illinois though it's illegal to drive without plates. *ahem*

Things I learned today
Neatness counts - if the officer can not read the mis-written "D" on the transfer application then he will not be able to look up your VIN in the computer because the letter "O" is never used in VIN numbers.

If you fail to sign the title as the buyer it's a class 4 felony. (The officer was kind enough to let me sign the title because all my other paperwork was in order.)

Inform the officer immediately that it's an out-of-state transfer. It saves much time and warnings from the officer on how it's illegal to drive without plates in Illinois for ANY reason.

Regardless the cute little car is home and I will do a full once-over inspection on it tomorrow along with all the other things I need to get done in the workshop. Just to help keep our finances in order I'm going to hold off on the title transfer completion until my wife gets paid this coming Friday. This is not an issue as I don't need to drive the car immediately and if need be it can reside in the workshop until then. Though likely it won't be an issue because it's on private property now and not being driven.

In other automotive news I talked at length with my friend who's a previous Chrysler mechanic and he helped me get over my hesitation to take apart the front of the truck to do the timing chain. So likely I'll also be starting that this coming Friday. I have everything for it except antifreeze and that's not too expensive.

I also need to finish the job on my dad's grinder modifications so he can use it similar to a lapidary wheel for his jewelry work. I've been lax and I need to get it done and out of the workshop.

While I'm out in the workshop tomorrow I'll likely take another CCNA practice exam and try to break the 85% barrier. If I can do that then I'll be just that much closer to the 90% barrier that allows me to take the paid-for exam a second time if I flub it for some reason. I can probably get by taking the test with the 85% scores but I want all the help I can get for the real exam because it's not going to be easy.

Things have pretty much stopped growing in the library. They're not dead but they seem to have reached a stand-still in that they're not getting any bigger. This is likely a lighting issue as I'm useing standard full-spectrum bulbs but not the brighter 6k color bulbs. Also I can't give the tomato plants enough water as the existing pots have holes in the bottom because they were hanging outside during the warmer months. *headdesk*

Not sure if I want to make the effort there as I already don't have enough space or time to grow more inside yet.

It did dawn on me that the configuration in the partial basement was oriented on growing things down there. Not sure what the previous owner was growing down there but if I can convert that area to a clean hydroponics space it would be a welcome addition to the home.


Hey it just occurred to me that I have a small four-door bubble-like car!

It's imperative that I now...

Paint it with a racing stripe.

Paint Japanese Kanji on it that I don't understand.

Install an under-body glow kit.

Install a muffler that sounds like a bee in a beer can.

Install fuzzy seat and steering wheel covers.

Install a dreamcatcher on the rear view mirror that reaches all the way
to the floor.

Install an extra spoiler onto the existing spoiler.

Install a $600 stereo, $500 amp, and $150 speakers including 10 farad

Change the shifter knob to one that lights up with EL wire.


Yeah right! ;-)

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