nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The return of...The Plague!

So my wife woke me up at around 3 a.m. feeling like she was hit by a bus complete with fever, aches, sore throat, nausea, and dizzyness.

Just went to the doctor and he did an instant strep test and it came up positive.

So after my daughter comes home I'm off to pick up antibiotics to nip this in the bud for the next day or so. Lots of handwashing going on and I consider us isolated until this blows over.

Finished Toradora! last night. It went from a funny slapstick high school romance anime to a serious one about halfway through. Still an enjoyable watch and one I will collect eventually. (Mmmm...Palmtop Tiger...mmm...)

Anyway I think after I go get my wife's drugs I'll light a fire in the fireplace again. Since I figured out the whole damper thing I was actually able to heat up the main living room using it rather than just steal heat from the other rooms due to incoming cold air. I think I'll try it with the main furnace fan running and see if I can't get the heat to transfer to the rest of the house. We really need the thick crystal doors on that thing. If I knew where to find it in bulk I'd just have them cut me two pieces and make my own. Of course I could make straight metal ones but they wouldn't be nearly so pretty when the fire is lit.

Started going back and properly tagging all my old LJ entries. It's going to take some time but fortunately I often only post once a day. Some of the entries though I'm not thrilled to re-read. Either because I was being stupid or because there was an actual thing going on that was nasty. :-(

Even six years later the suicide of my cousin still hits me quite a bit.

Still better to remember those and avoid them in the future than not remember them. And that really is the thing. I'd rather remember it all than just the good parts. I want it ALL back not just the good memories.

Why? Because the bad memories remind you of what your learned while experiencing them. And I'm not about to give up a lifetime of learning so easily. ;-)

The child just got home so I'm off to fill my wife's prescription...

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Tags: health, plague, strep throat
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