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A spewing of sputterings...

So my wife got diagnosed with Strep Throat yesterday. She's home today until the antibiotics make her non-contagious. I've managed to keep the daughter away from her and she isn't showing any signs so I think we're good there.

Picked up some more L-Tryptophan this weekend so I should be able to get my seratonin stuff sorted out again. the Valerian Root had some nasty side effects so I'm glad to be back to something that works.

Looking at borrowing a friend's copy of Rosetta Stone to see if the learning framework is good for me. I just wish it wasn't so damn expensive! I really want to learn another language but it's always been a stumbling block for me.

CCNA stuff delayed again because my wife is sick and home from work. She should be back there tomorrow provided the medicine does it's job. That means I'll be able to get back to studying. I need to pass this thing sooner versus later before the WIA people get on my case. Unfortunately for me it's one of those things that takes as long as it takes. *grumble*

Xpostulate seems to be working out well. Not having a spell checker is actually making me better at finding substitutions for words that I don't have confidence in spelling properly. I can look them up but it's an extra hassle to leave the app to do so. Thus I find other words that mean the same thing - usually simpler ones. It helps me to speak plainly at times. ;-)

Just came up with an upgrade idea for our fireplace that should cost almost nothing and increase it's ability to heat the house considerably. The best is that I think I have all the materials to make it already. No chance of smoke issues either due to the design. I really need a good sheet metal brake in the workshop though.

Daughter is all ready for the bus so after she goes I think I'll make sure the dishes are done then go back to sleep as I'm really tired from yesterday.

Found something interesting the other day. Those of you that are electronics geeks and gamers check out US patent 4431189. It's the schematics and patent for the original electronic dice roller called the Dragonbone. And the circuit looks damn simple to make. Cool stuff. Those things go for insane prices as collector's items but the parts for one can be done for under $20. I think I might make one later this year if I can.

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