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21:30 PM 01/20/2011

So I went to the doctor today because they wouldn't just write me a prescription for antibiotics because I hadn't been in there in 4 years.

The doc was better than he was the last few times I was there and seemed a little changed from when last we met. He didn't batt an eye concerning a number of my past health issues so I'm pretty sure that all my numbers have seriously improved in four years. ;-)

Point in fact I weighed in at 235lbs with all my crap in my pockets including iPhone and lead Tardis key I keep in my back pocket now. That's pretty good from almost 280lbs a year and a half ago. Still trying to break 220 though as an immediate goal.

He didn't even bother doing a throat culture since we have two other family members sick with Strep and I had symptoms.

While I was there I returned the favor by explaining what they need to solve their connectivity issues to the main server from their location. Who knows? Maybe that will turn out to be a job offer at some point.

The kitchen is a mess. I'll clean it up tomorrow. The nice thing is that since we're all infected it means I can share the chili and beef stew I just made batches of without worrying about if I contaminated it while cooking. We're all on antibiotics so minor things like that aren't an issue. We'll eat it over the next couple days and it'll be cleaned in the dishwasher and sterilized.

ellenmillion please check your personal e-mail. I sent you something I've got a question about.

Looked into a bunch of stuff about the Neon and found out it's a Sport model sedan so that explains why it corners so flat at speed. Also found out a bunch of low-dollar stuff I can do to upgrade it over time for better performance and reliability. Looks like I'm going to have to do the front or rear motor mount or both because it gives a significant clunk when backing up or moving forward. Only initially though so it's almost certainly the mounts.

Definitely sick of the cold weather. Besides a $95 natural gas bill while on the budget plan due to having to heat the workshop I'm just done with having to get all bundled up to do anything outside. I can haz spring nao??

Our floppy puppy is definitely going to need to be shaved before spring unfortunately. He's got a bunch of matts in his fur and we just can't let him go much longer that way. And I need to get his eyes looked at because it looks like there's something on the right one. I hope it's not a cataract. That would suck as he's only three years old.

He also needs his claws trimmed. My wife bought a Pedi-Paws so I guess we'll try that.

A little concerned about his recent change in behavior. He's become more playful over the last few months but also considerably more clingy. Not sure what brought that on but I'll definitely ask the vet the next time we bring him in.

Current anime in-progress is both Rocket Girls and Gunslinger Girl. (Netflix sent me Gunslinger Girl because of slow shipment on Rocket Girls.) Rocket Girls is turning out to be a fun anime as much as Gunslinger Girl is a serious one. We'll see how they turn out.

Having the plague means I need to keep warm among other things so I haven't been out in the workshop to study lately. Tomorrow I'm going to have my daughter at home while my wife goes back to work so I won't be able to get back out there until Saturday at the earliest. And Saturday I have to go to the DMV to transfer the title on the Neon so who knows how long that will take. I'm hoping I can get in there early and get it all done quickly but it's a "gifted" out-of-state transfer so it'll likely take a little bit.

Well it's time to bundle up and take the fuzzball out for the last time of the night so I'll end this here.

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