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About time they got fully involved...

Well Japan just finally launched a cargo rocket to the ISS:

Frankly with their technology base I expected this a long time ago but hey better late than never.

And if anybody can make space cool it's Japan. ;-)

What I'm really looking forward to seeing in space is self-assembling habitats. Imagine this - you launch a cargo pod, it uses pre-determined navigation to go to an extreme geosynchronous or lagrange point orbit, then it deploys solar panes and waits for another pod to arrive. When another one arrives they dock and it too deploys solar panels. They can be re-arranged once someone goes up there if necessary.

I mean come on people! We've been positioning satellites in orbit for years now with great precision! You're telling me we can't precision position a living space and automate their docking? I don't buy it.

Hell in theory you can make an inflatible habitat that is safe and self-sealing and assemble an entire structure even quicker. (Bigelow Aerospace anyone?)

The only reason we're not doing it is frankly because those that have the money don't want to. And that's a shame because there's a great profit to be had in space if we're willing to reach for it.

Awake today at 3 a.m. because my body is rebounding from feeling bad. Happens every time I get sick or run down. I get better, the body gets more energy, and I sleep less.

I really need to find some way to capitalize on this without waking up anybody else in the house when it happens.

I think this is yet another good motivator to get the basement all finished. That way I can just go down there and do stuff without having to leave the house or wake anybody up. Unfortunately the materials needed to do that (concrete, lumber, insulation, floating floor, etc.) are a bit beyond my means right now.

I love Freecycle because I get good stuff off of it and put old stuff to good use BUT I don't ever seem to get anything I request. Maybe I'll try requesting building materials again and see what comes up. Regardless I suppose a bag or two of concrete is probably the first choice as that will contain the ground water in there.

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