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Business as unusual...

A number of my friends are starting businesses and kudos to them. I think we'll see even more of a resurgence of people in this country and others starting up home based ventures and I welcome those greatly. It's a good thing to have even part of your future dependent on your own hands versus just taking a paycheck from others.

Though honestly our futures are ALWAYS in our own hands when it comes down to it.

I really want to do the same but I'm having trouble getting started. There are so many artistic things I know I can do but between trying to get the CCNA stuff done and shortage of resources (internal ones as well as external) I'm having a hard time focusing.

A friend of mine had a brain fart (or just didn't care) and wore her Bears shirt to a store in Racine, WI...and had to be escorted out for her own safety. *facepalm*

Frankly I've always been impressed with her because she almost never backs down. Life has handed her a great number of lemons over the years (the most recent is a special needs child with her being a single mom) and she almost always seems to make lemonade out of the situation.

As for me I'm sports agnostic. Partly because most sports don't interest me and partly because I have a real problem with the money paid to professional atheletes. Them, TV/movie celebrities, CEOs, congresscritters, etc. - none of those should be making high six or seven figure salaries. Underwater welders, bomb disposal techs, people who risk their lives every day, etc. Those are the people that should be getting big money every day of the week.

I just deleted a bunch of DVDs off my Netflix queue because Netflix keeps delaying single discs out of complete series. I'm done with that and if I want to watch those series I'll work out how to buy them. When I can't complete a series because a disc has been in the "unknown" arrival category for over a year there's something wrong.

It's currently above freezing so once again the rain barrel on the workshop is overflowing with huge icicles and still being coated in water. I priced cheap R13 rolls of kraft backed insulation from the big box store and it's about $9 for 40 square feet. That's within the "buy once a week" range so I think I'll forego my restaurant visits for a while and get insulation instead. That will help all around.

Passed on picking up a box of 14" x 11" greenbar tractor feed paper that was a hour away. I have a box already but that stuff is expensive and the price for gas would have been well worth it. But really it's just too cold out and I have other things to get done.

Doing better since I'm taking both the amoxicillin and my vitamins. In particular taking the L-tryptophan before bed is definitely helping my sleep. Still finding myself migrating to the futon every so often but less now that I'm on track again.

Tomorrow temperature regardless I'm back in the workshop studying again. I've been behind on that for a while now and I need to keep moving forward with it. I'm just so scared that the WIA people are just going to come back and say "We don't think you're serious because it's taking so long and we want our grant money back!". It's an irrational fear but it's in the same vein as other things the universe has hit me with over the years so I understand where it comes from.

The Neon is now on the road and I'm quite happy with it. Still things to look at on it but I pulled the engine codes and it's only code 35 (fan relay circuit) and code 42 (automatic shutdown relay, etc.) that bother me. I helped my mother replace the fan relay a couple of years ago and that didn't solve it so likely it's a wiring issue. Don't know enough about the other one so I'll have to ask my local mechanic what he knows about it. Regardless it seems to be a strong little car and should provide many years of service and the truck a well deserved rest.

I think I'll bring in more firewood today but not start a fire. I've come up with some wonderfully simple door designs that I can actually make I just need to pick up uncoated sheet metal for them and figure out how to cure heat resistant paint before installation so there's no fumes in the house. Likely that will be a propane torch taken to them carefully beforehand.

I'm so sick of snow and ice. *grump*

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