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Smooth running with frozen feet...

So I did some quick maintenance on the Neon today and it seems to be running fine. Managed to clear all the computer codes off of it except the 35 fan code which is likely wiring. I'll look into that soon. It also needs a shift linkage bushing but those are cheap and readily available off E-Bay. All-in-all everything else looks up to par and it drives just fine. (Thanks mom!)

Plugged the new instrument cluster overlay into my bench power supply and it's a nice shade of blue. It'll be a nice update to the car and save me a bundle on bulbs over the years. Not quite ready to crack the dash top and install it yet but soon.

One thing I didn't have to pay for was a replacement dome light. It's a wonder what soldering a bunch of LEDs together will do. :-) And it's a good start to changing things over to LED in that car versus those weak incandescent bulbs. And I have green ones so that I can hopefully change from the orange lighting to green in there as well.

On the writing scene I came up with an odd story that expounds on my memories of Patch. (That girl in 3rd grade I can't remember the name of mom.) It's almost a Lifetime movie but I think I can make it work. I likely won't immediately be posting it here but if I can't send it to someone then here's likely where it will end up. Feel odd about using that particular memory to write a story but others have encouraged me so I'll likely put bits to paper.

Didn't study again tonight. Between the end of the plague (Strep) and my left upper back muscle deciding that today is the day it'll be sore...I just want to lay back down. At least it allowed me to be somewhat productive today. I should be better and ready to go tomorrow.

The cherry tomato plant has decided to finally start ripening the few cherry tomatoes it has on it. They aren't large but at least they grew. I can't wait for either money to make an indoor growing space or spring whichever comes first. I'm just glad I was able to keep something green alive over the winter thus far. I really like greenery and sorely miss it during the white months.

Anybody know what to do with an uber clingy, continually licking, floppy Lhasa Apso? Richie has become rather strange of late so we're trying to figure out what's going on. Maybe it's been past the length of time where people let him go so he's scared or grateful. Hell I don't know. My instinct circuits are down due to plague and stress.

Was on the couch in the workshop trying to deal with that errant back muscle and I noticed that the rafters are probably 24" apart rather than the usual 16". This is going to make putting insulation up there a pain because I either need to get 24" insulation or double-up on thinner stuff. Neither solution I like because they both suck in some way. Mostly it means more money will be needed when I choose to do that task. I suppose I could enclose them and blow insulation into the spaces but I'm not sure that's the right thing to do. Have to check with a local friend who's done construction for a living over the years and see what he says. Spray foam would be the best but hey I can't sell my first born so it's right out. ;-)

In the Odd Ideas department it occurred to me that you could use a RepRap 3D printer to print plastic bullets. They wouldn't be long range but they would work in sabot rounds without too much trouble - maybe a little sanding. I'm not saying this is practical but it's a good thing to have sitting aroung for story idea use. And if the 3D printer can switch out a solder head for the extruder head you could give them a lead core. (Printing a lead bullet using a solder head would likely not be worth it.) AND plastic bullets aren't detected in a metal detector but they would be visible on x-ray and the new wavelength machines. Still a potential stealth weapon for a bad guy or even a good guy in a story. Hmm...interesting...

Well I'm off to lay down now. Hopefully I can actually get something done tomorrow.

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