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Study you fool!

So I finally got back out to the workshop to study and I find I need to do a bunch of updates on the computers again because I keep them off when I'm not out there.

They're updating now. I'm trying to get down to two regular-use systems out here so I don't have to wait so long to update or even get up and running. That's tough because the one system is low on RAM so it's a bit slower at times. RAM doesn't cost that much but every penny counts. (And yes I know I could have bought RAM for the price of the Neon's cluster lighting but the lighting was a bit dim and I really really don't want an orange dash unless it's in Klingon. Hmm...nah!) Anyways I'll try and pick up RAM here next month and just live with the slowness until I do.

I'm jealous because people are getting these and producing really cool stuff. If you haven't seen any of it get thee hence to YouTube and punch in RepRap and you'll find all sorts of videos. The stuff still needs to be cleaned up after printing but once the unit is dialed in you can produce some really hoopy plastic parts from existing 3D drawings. I've even thought of several ways to make larger parts using the relatively small printing areas and have some really cool ideas for stuff to print out. Unfortunately at around $900 - $1k for a full unit not counting plastic for extrusion I'm going to have to wait some time before I can afford one. (Even if I sell a bunch of my stuff on E-Bay.)

As stated before the Neon is running well so I'm definitely saving money there as it is only at a half tank of gas and eats almost nothing while driving it around. And the tank is only 10 gallon so filling it up doesn't cause me heart issues when I see the final number. Ordering a shift bushing kit next week but that's the last thing I'll be picking up for it right now.

And I realize that I should be studying right now. The one machine has finished updating but it's rebooting so I'll have to wait until it's completely finished. I simply _have_ to back on the study train this week no matter what. Time is ticking on this and I need to get it done quickly. I'm going to start re-watching the CBTnuggets videos again and try taking the practice exam again the end of this week. That means a lot of time spent in the workshop so my family/house will suffer but it's necessary unless someone offers me a job out of the blue.

I need to once again send out resumes to places but I feel my resume is really weak without the CCNA cert so even though I have to send it out to keep my unemployment it doesn't thrill me to send it out. I wish there were some way to bypass stupid hiring drones that are only looking for buzzwords and certs instead of experience. There are a lot of people out there in I/T that really should be doing something else but because they got the stupid tiny pieces of paper on their wall they get the job and I don't. Even more annoying when they screw things up the hiring drones don't even call people like me they call yet another "paper tiger" to screw things up even more. When is my experience going to count for anything again?? *grump*

This economy and indeed quite a few places on this planet simply suck right now. I get very very tired sometimes of trying to make it a better place around me because it feels like such an insurmountable task. Not that I'm going to stop trying mind you just that it gets demoralizing every so often. "I just cleaned up this mess! Can't the world stay saved for one minute!" Not that I'm Mr. Fantastic or anything but the feeling is the same sometimes.

I can haz Mars colonization now? I can haz off this rock plz?

Provided it's one with water-ice in it I can seriously design a setup for producng light and heat and oxygen for colonization on an asteroid. I don't think solar would work unless the panels were huge but a simple nuclear isotope cluster (like they use in satellites but more of them) would almost certainly be able to power a minimal living space until plants could be grown. Grow enough plants and you can not only filter the CO2 but provide food as well. In is now at the point where you could almost create a closed system. It wouldn't be perfect but in theory you could make a sustainable system that would only need the radioisotope generators replaced every ten years or so if that.

I wonder...could you make a solar sail that absorbed the solar winds to produce enough electricity for stationary thrusters of some sort? ION thrusters require fuel but if you're also using a large water-ice asteroid there's likely fuel enough there in some form.

Here's an image for you...

You look up into the night sky and suddenly the asteroid field is lit with bright lights as thousands of solar sails open in synchronization to catch the solar wind to stabilize their locations. Due to the size of solar sails needed it would look like a sea of shiny flowers in a ring around the Earth. That would be an awesome sight wouldn't it?

Too bad we're stuck on the beach. B-(

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