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I think I know what I want for my birthday...

So because I know friends local to me read this from time to time I'm posting my birthday wishes here. Please note that this is a completely selfish list and I won't apologize for that at the moment.

A heavy bag to punch and perhaps kick. Failing that something I can beat repeatedly with a baseball bat including said bat. (I find that I'm in need of something to punch. And unlike certain relatives over the years it's not going to be something human...)

A pair of padded bo staves.

Kumite gloves - open fingers not boxing gloves.

On less violent terms...

2gb PC-3200 400mhz DIMM (not SODIMM) RAM for this IBM ThinkCentre workstation. (2 - 1gb sticks.)

8gb -> 32gb Sandisk SD cards. (The brand our HD camera recommends.)

Insulation for the garage that can fit between 24" rafters OR foam sheets and tape to seal off the upper half of the garage.

A job that I can be proud of and doesn't eat my off-hours time.

Help around the house and the workshop.

Help photgraphing and packing things to sell on E-Bay.

Help scanning and discarding paper in the workshop and house.

A bunch of the following chips in CMOS form: 4011, 4017 (x2), 4081. Misc capacitors and resistors.

Anything microcontroller (Arduino/Basic Stamp) related.

A Chrysler service manual for a 1998 Dodge Neon. (Already have Haynes and Chilton.)

2 - 6.5" car stereo speakers - 50w minimum.

2 - 5" car stereo speakers - 50w minimum.

Construction materials to finish the basement.

Tea and an infuser from Adagio.

There's always more but that's enough for now I think. (I can be a greedy bastard at times.)

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