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So I've managed to get the workshop cleaned up enough that I can get to my study area again. Time's ticking on that so I need to really focus on it to the exclusion of many other things.

But thankfully there aren't that many other things right now. The stuff with the Neon is all taken care of for now. The house while not as clean as I want is at least a little better than it was.

We got some help from my in-laws in that they bought us a buttload of food from Costco. I've mentally added it to a tally I'm already keeping. There's a mental cutoff point but we haven't readhed it yet so I'm okay with it.

I managed to get around to vacuuming the cold air return out yesterday because it was absolutely CAKED with dust bunnies. Hopefully this will help a number of things in the house. I don't know if it's coincidence but I no longer felt like I was having things land on my face last night in the bedroom. A good thing because I slept so well and didn't move that I was actually stiff in the neck area. A long time since that's happened.

We're doomed to more snow this week. I'm glad I have the plow but I'm really tired of seeing snow. And it's supposed to be at least 6 - 8 inches too.

Brought in more firewood and I'll likely bring in even more later. We're gonna need it...

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