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The eyes have it!

So I managed to get through the first 7 of 31 videos in the first part of the CCNA CBT stuff. At 35 - 45 minutes a piece there's only so many I can get through in one sitting. I figure if I can manage ten a day that's good progress. (Likely I can do better than that though.) I sent a message to the course coordinator to see if they'll let me audit the CCNA class again or not. Likely not but I now have transport so it would really only be a scheduling issue if it happens.

We're fairly prepared here for the supposed blizzard that's going to hit us in the next couple of days or so. I still need to bring in more wood but we have food and drink in case something happens. And we have enough wood inside and out to survive if the power goes out for any time. Though I'd be concerned about the pipes freezing so we'd have to crack those open and let them run if need be.

I really hope scarybaldguy is going to be okay. Exploding canning jars of sauce are not funny by any means. I also wish him the will to not give up on his business as it's a good one run by a good guy. Those are rare and wonderful in today's society and worth every invesstment. I'll be buying is pasta sauce when I can afford some. (I can haz good job now?)

The bug I found with Focuswriter turns out to be the fact that Linux Mint ships with QT 4.5.x while Focuswriter requires QT 4.6 or better. I applaud Mint for stability but the current QT is 4.7 so they're a little behind. Focuswriter works properly on all the other systems so that much is good.

Took a break from videos and studying to get the dishes done. I need the bowls at least for creating homemade pizza sauce and dough tonight if possible. If not then I have chicken breasts in the fridge that are easily thawed if they aren't already by now.

A little tired but I've got to keep going and get moving promptly in the morning or I'll be a lump again. That inertia is hard to overcome. the vitamins, a shower, and food help a lot first thing in the morning but I need to keep up with it. Follow-through can be my worst enemy sometimes.

Definitely need to insulate the workshop better. I can feel a floor draft if I stick my arm down there AND the place won't heat better than 67 degrees. I haven't checked to see what it gets down to in the middle of the night yet. Probably less. Replacing the fan motor previous to this helped the situation fantastically as in the past it would get down in the 40's out there even with the heater running full blast.

Definitely looking forward to spring and the garden. Supposedly I'm getting help building the new garden space from family members for a share of the crop to them. The size is going to be pretty large and I think we're going to lose the peonies and decaying landscape timbers in the process. On top of all this it will improve drainage in the process by absorbing water into the bed rather than running it off. Since we drain for our entire street that's a very good thing.

*looks at clock*

*sigh* Back to the grind...

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