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Tired is as tired does...

February 3, 2011 7:34 PM 2/3/11

...or...Life is Like a Box of Ex-lax.

I unburied the Neon today and moved it into the space in front of the other vehicles. At least I can get it out if needed. Tomorrow I’ll see if I have enough ash to throw on the lesser piles of snow to help them melt a bit. Then I’ll see if I can’t break the other parking place out to the street. I can at least bury the truck for the moment because the plates have expired and we don’t have the cash to renew them quite yet.

Somehow I need to get out to the workshop again and watch more of the CCNA videos and take another certification practice test. I will likely be out of unemployment by May, June at the latest, so I don’t have a whole hell of a lot of time left. One way or another I’ll find something.

The wife is sick again. Looks like some sort of nasty head cold this time but I’m not so sure. If she’s not feeling better tomorrow I’m going to have to get her to go to the doctor for her own good.

I’m damn tired from shoveling snow the last couple of days. I wonder if people would get mad at me for painting the snow black so it melts easier?

Just took the dog out and it’s almost brutally cold out which means the workshop will have trouble staying up to temp in the dead of night. No problem. Just my wallet. :-/ I shouldn’t complain really as it’s my choice to heat that space right now. I want to keep using that space as a workshop even if I finish off the basement as I really want the basement to be an indoor growing area. We need a 24x7x365 growing area to be at least a little more sustainable. Properly insulated that space is perfect for it.

Tomorrow I turn 42. I’m still bothered by the fact that the neighbor pegged me for my next decade instead of my current one. I can understand it due to my hair and mannerisms but it still it niggles me a little bit. I feel old and I don’t at the same time.

Waiting for my wife to download her W2 then we can pick up TurboTax and get our taxes done. There are cheaper ways but we’ve been using that software for years now and it builds on the previous filed return so it makes things a hell of a lot easier. I just wish it was cheaper is all.

Changed over to using Thunderbird for email on my Macbook versus and it appears to be working out. I have tiny niggles with it but it seems to be a much better product now than the other times I’ve tried it. And when you install the Lightning plugin it becomes a fully integrated PIM pretty much. (Personal Information Manager) It’s nice not having to switch between multiple apps to get everything set up. I’m fairly certain that the tasks and calender are not going to integrate with the iPhone but there should be a manual way of syncing them.

Got the Laserdisc player working the other day. I watched a B5 episode on it. “The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari”. It’s one of my favorite episodes. I’ve got quite a few B5 discs thanks to a friend who was liquidating to move. One day I hope to collect them all.

Re-read all three Myst novels. They’re light reading but still enjoyable to me. I can finish them each in about an hour or so if I apply myself. (I wish I could do the same with technical data. *sigh*) I like these books because in essence they are the best view I can find of what a storyteller does. A storyteller either creates a universe from scratch or connects you to one already created. All for the purpose of sharing them with others. (Even if you’re only writing for the money you still want to share the unvierses you’re creating right?)

And I can’t say that writing my own Ages wouldn’t be damn near the top of my list. To create an entire world that you can just step into and experience. That would be...wonderful. :-)

Nope. Writers/storytellers/artists do nothing like that. Nope nope nope. ;-)

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