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Yet another Sony annoyance...

So the dvd player in the bedroom has been giving us trouble for a while now in that it's having problems ejecting the tray because it's cheap and thin and bent.

Well I came up with a plan to move the one in the living room into the bedroom and use the PS2 as the DVD player. Well this is all well and good except that I have a first-gen PS2 so I can play PS1 games on it and it has no infrared port.

Not a problem. I'll get an aftermarket IR port and remote and all will be fine. Turns out that even though I have an aftermarket remote setup I need the original Sony remote control driver disc to upgrade the system to be able to use remote controls at all.

In the past I bought an actual Sony remote before knowing I didn't have an IR port and it came with a disc that I promptly misplaced. Turns out I need that disc and can't find it. Worse yet because Sony is so annoying about software DRM there is no place I can buy the disc separately or download it even though both would benefit me greatly.

So my only choice if I can't find the disc lying around is to buy another complete Sony remote package if I can find one online. Likely for the same $20 I spent on the original Sony remote. I can likely sell the original remote and get some of that money back but it's just damn annoying. (And in even more irony a slim version of the PS2 is $50 at the local Gamestop.)

If anybody knows where I can find a disc image (iso) of that cd/dvd I'd appreciate it. *grump*

In other news I still need to shovel snow off the one corner of my roof as it's enough to cause a significant load. My weather station says it's 33.8 degrees so hopefully that will help some of it melt. Not likely but I can hope.

Also need to continue shoveling the driveway out. Had family over last night and parking was a nightmare. The worse thing about it is that I can't use the plow partly because it's too high and partly because there's no place to plow it to. If I had $10k to spend I'd buy a damn Bobcat.

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