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Pop goes the tractor!

So I'm taking another bite out of the snow in my driveway and I realize that I can at least clear the center using the tractor and plow.

I get out there after putting the weights and chains on the wheels (Yay personal weight loss!) and I get most of it pushed back. (Burying the truck which I'm not driving right now.) One last push then all of a sudden I'm leaning to the left.

I look down and the tire is a flattened polygon instead of round. Wheee. So it's currently in the workshop drying off so I can figure out if I need a tire or just a tube. Likely what happened is the chains pushed in too far and I had the tire aired up too much causing a rip somewhere under stress. I'm hoping it's just a tube then it's $20 versus $50 for a tire.

I think I mentioned I'm sick of snow...maybe...once or twice...a bit... ;-)

I applied for a job in Lincolnshire which is a bit of a drive for me. We'll see if they even call me back.

In between chores tomorrow after everybody leaves I'll be back to studying again. Maybe I can make some progress this time without being dumped on by all the snow in the world. (!)

Anyway I guess I know where my birthday money is going...

Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes everybody! It means a lot. :-)

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Tags: flat, home maintenance, tire, vehicle maintenance
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