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Aww man! Redwall author Brian Jacques dies aged 71

February 8, 2011 9:06 AM 2/8/11

Link to the Beeb article here:

I didn’t read a lot of his stuff but without fail everything I did read I loved. He created a wonderful universe and I hope he’s earned soem well deserved rest and enjoyment.

Please excuse me I have to add some books to my Amazon wishlist...

In other obituaries people who know anything about PDP/VAX systems will be saddened. Ken Olson the founder of Digital Equipment Corporation has died:

I currently have...

A PDP-11/04

A MicroVax II and boards to make a MicroVax III. (Complete with rack and RA82 hard drive.)

A Vaxstation 4000-60. (The drive died in i recently so I have to re-load it. Most silent machine I own.)

I grew up working with equipment he designed and for a long long time it was the only computer systems I worked with in school. It wasn’t the first I ever used (IBM 5100) but it was the ones I used the most in early years.

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