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And things move on...

February 9, 2011 8:07 PM 2/9/11

I shoveled as much snow off the roof as I could without actually getting on top of the roof itself. I did stand on the shed though. (And promptly dropped the shovel in the deep snow between the shed and house. Which meant wading into above waist-deep snow to get it back.) Had to shovel my way to the shed but it allowed me to get the old rake out of there that I used to pull some of the further snow off with.

Anyway I hope that’s enough to reduce the load. I do know that come hell or high water this spring/summer we’re getting a skylight or roof hatch so I don’t have to use a ladder again.

The house is an utter mess. Dogfood everywhere, kitchen floor in need of scrubbing, and laundry in need of handling among other things. And dust! Lots of dust! *sigh* I’m slacking.

Got some good news though the other day. Microtrain is letting me audit my CCNA classes! And since I have reliable transportation that means I can choose a schedule that doesn’t suck. Probably not the Chicago location though unless they have the weekend class again.

Frankly though the weekend class cost me a lot in food. The evening class was cheaper for me because nothing was open and there’s no place to buy food without leaving the building. I’m thinking that’s a better option for our finances.

Regardless though it’ll certainly help me studying for the exam as I’ll be able to refresh each class separately this time and deal with them one at a time. Gotta move quick though if I’m gonna do this.

My wife’s second run of the plague seems to be lessening. She’s only coughing her lungs out every so often instead of all the time. Good thing too as she’s able to sleep a little better.

In crappier news I’ve been looking at tractor tires/tubes and they are what I consider stupidly expensive. I hope I can find a local deal before I have to plow again but that seems unlikely. I’ll have to check with Farm & Fleet to see what they have.

Tried cooking porcupines the other day in the small crock pot and they did come out okay except that some of them broke up. (These are the same as the stuffed pepper mix but with no peppers and held together using toothpicks.) That and I put way too much black pepper in them. *cough* But they were edible and I will likely cook them again at a later date. They’re surprisingly cheap to make.


I’m so far behind on things. Why the fuck is that?? I mean there’s always this MASSIVE looming list of projects and things to get done in my life. I just never seem to get the list whittled down. Sometimes it’s me being lazy but a lot of the time it’s having to handle things for other people. I just feel a deep frustration every time somebody asks me to do things. So much so that I often can’t focus. And worse yet I can’t focus sometimes due to my frustration with other things around me like cleaning and maintenance. I’ve had several server issues for a while now that I need to take care of that I’m not dealing with and that’s REALLY bugging me. That and the ThinkCentre out in the garage acting wonky. *sigh*

I need to be like Atrus and see the whole because I’m certainly missing something.

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