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Yay! xpostulate on my Macbook!

I managed to pay all the bills today and had some money left over that we can use for groceries. That's kind of cool.

Also managed to get xpostulate installed on my Mac so I can properly insert cut tags. (Of course now that I did that I find notes on how to make MacJournal do proper LJ style cut tags. *facepalm*) Oh well for basic posting I like xpostulate better anyway as it's much faster from app start to writing to posting. MacJournal is for things I want to keep stored posted or not. They really are two different apps.

Heard a lound bang this morning. My wife heard it too. I'm hoping it's not the roof. I'm definitely going to try and get up there all the way today and shovel the rest of it off. We can't afford a large home repair at this point even though I probably have enough wood to make the repair myself. Have to go up there and check things again just to make sure.

Our dog is in serious need of a trim especially around his muzzle. I have to go and pick up flea stuff for him today among other things. We've switched his food to the Blue brand which is both healthier and more expensive. Regardless I can understand everything on the label so I consider it better for him. Hopefully he'll eat more and gain weight because he's still really thin.

Need to run a nework wire to the living room so both the Wii and the front door camera can be hard wired. The Wii because we use Netflix on it and the front door camera because it is losing contact with the wireless router often. Hell I need to run a bunch of network wires a bunch of places. (Heh. I'm not even employed and I'm still running network cable.)

Not sure what's eating my drive space on my Macbook but after cleaning a buttload of video podcasts off of it and getting back up to about 30 gig free my 250 gig drive is suddenly down to 19 gig this morning. I think it's Thunderbird synching up with the IMAP server but I really don't know for sure. I'll have to run jdiskreport to find out. If I can find out that is.

And my in-laws laptop seems to have died. No P.O.S.T from what they are telling my wife. My wife says we're stopping by this weekend but I'm considering (just considering) stopping by before that to see if I can fix it before the weekend. It might be something as simple as they accidentally changed the screen output to the external connector. I hope I hope.

Need to work on setting up and transferring all my wife's stuff to her new laptop. I have all that I need to do it but I need to do it while she's around so she can yay or nay what needs to be transferred. I have the instructions to fix IE8 so it works with her office HR website so she can download her pay stubs and do her vacation time management and such. It's just a big move that includes things like her iTunes library and other such problematic things. That's why I've been avoiding it really.

Daughter had a new to her bus driver this last week. She of course conned him into thinking she needed help getting her stuff off the bus. I corrected him about that yesterday so she shouldn't be able to do that again. She's a nice girl but very cunning and has unfortunately inherited her parents' lazy streak.

Been looking at what I need to do around here and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not focused enough. For instance here's a list of things that I both need and want to do:

Get my CCNA/CCNA+Security. (Still having trouble with that.)
Write. (I'd love to do this professionally.)
Draw. (I still have story ideas I want in visual form.)
Program. (Currently trying to re-learn my C programming. And I need to fix the weather software on Luffy.)
Work with my electronics and microcontrollers. (This include repairing Banpei and the like.)
Woodworking. (Goddess I have a TON of things I want to make.)
Metalworking. (More stuff I want to make.)
Tutor my daughter. (As much as I can teach her that is. Self-defense among that.)
Learn foreign languages. (The two I have my bead on are French and Japanese.)
Fix my learning base. (Math especially flummoxes me and I so want it repaired.)
Gardening. (Both indoors - hydroponics - and outdoors.)
Home repairs. (There's a number of things around here that need fixing.)
Home upgrades. (When we have the money but some are actually cheap.)
Vehicle maintenance. (The truck still needs a lot of work even if I'm not driving it right now. Others too.)
Network stuff. (I have a ton of things to do on my own network.)
Education. (I need to learn to teach both myself and others.)
Family time. (My family suffers because I always have something else on my mind.)
Alone time. (I suffer because there's ALWAYS something I need to do.)
Couples time. (My wife is really patient with me but I still shouldn't depend on that.)
Exercise. (I'm still hovering between 220 and 235 at 5' 7" among other things.)
Travel. (I haven't seen enough of the world.)


Damn. That's a long list. And that's only the primary list. There's a whole secondary list with things like "Regain my marksmanship skills." and "Learn proper swordplay." among others. Those aren't even on the radar right now.

It's a long list...and I'm feeling rather short right now...

So what this comes down to really is the fact hat a great amoung of things on that list are going to have to get moved from primaries to secondaries. Not sure how that's going to work because my mind sees all those things as must-haves for moving forward. I'll make a decision on them but it's going to be tough.

In the meantime I have to get my daughter off to school and shovel some snow...

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