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Separation Axiety

Well I inspected the roof and while there's one rafter that the plywood appears to have separated a bit from nothing appears to be broken yet. So once I get back to the house I'll get up there and shovel it all off.

In the meantime I've gone out to think. I mentioned that long list in the last post and I think I can narrow it down but I need t get away from it so I can focus. Thus I'm waiting for pancakes.

Here's what I've come up with so far.


Get my CCNA/CCNA+Security. (This is required at the moment to increase my chances of income.)
Write. (I feel I could do this professionally but it needs to grow.)
Draw. (This is highly important for me from both an art and a design perspective.)
Program. (This skill increases a lot of things including my chances of income.)
Fix my learning base. (I need those skills.)
Home repairs. (Nobody else is going to do this.)
Vehicle maintenance. (Nobody else is going to do this either.)
Network stuff. (Both increases my monetary skillset and keeps things running.)
Family time. (Severly lacking.)
Couples time. (Also severly lacking.)

Work with my electronics and microcontrollers. (I can vacuum for now and the rest can be on hold.)
Woodworking. (I may be able to sell things I make but I'm not there yet.)
Metalworking. (Ditto.)
Tutor my daughter. (I need to increase the communication flow between us before this can happen.)
Learn foreign languages. (On hold indefinitely.)
Gardening. (Both indoors - hydroponics - and outdoors. No space, weather, time, or materials.)
Home upgrades. (Basement and bathroom are priority but require money.)
Education. (I need to learn to teach both myself and others.)
Alone time. (I'll take it where I can get it.)
Exercise. (Once things warm up a bit I can increase this hopefully.)
Travel. (This is out until I have disposable income and can convince my wife to go with me.)

Now above and beyond all these is the fact that I need to find some sort of stable income. I don't have much time for that left - less than six months now.

That pressure of course doesn't help any of this. *grump*

There aught to be a better way.

So I've got all these separated things now what? That's a damn good question.

Truth is I'm horrible about time management and I think the reason is that I'm horrible about time.

My time sense has always been extremely flexible and internally it seems to speed up or slow down at random. This causes me all sorts of problems.

I did figure out a solution if I can afford to build it. I'm running it past my design guy as we speak.

These are the things I like to dream up. Everything from practical to fanciful. Unfortunately the world doesn't provide for dreamers much it seems...

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