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Happy Valentine's Day to My Loving Wife! :-)

February 14, 2011 10:59 AM 2/14/11

I love her beyond words no matter what I say!

She has stayed with me despite years of urging from her family. (Not to mention some of my more boneheaded moves in the past.)

When I first met her what attracted me most was her face. There was an elflike quality to it regardless of her hair and eyes being brown. Her ears were slightly pointed back then which only lent itself to the effect. (Years later she wore a wreath of flowers at the faire and it completed the picture for me.) But what captivated me was her personality and energy.

Throughout the years we’ve had our fights and arguments but we’ve always managed to smooth them out in no small part thanks to her. Nobody thought we would last. (Point in fact there was a betting pool at the time. I wonder when we can collect on that?)

It’s always troublesome for me to sum up our relationship because it goes beyond words. I can’t think of spending the rest of my life with anyone else nor can I see her doing the same. We are one and shall remain so.

Now even with all the financial troubles and problems she perseveres to move things forward and keep things on track between her job, her home, and our family. I admire her for that and without her I might survive but I wouldn’t live.

We don’t have enough money for me to buy her a present right now so I thought I’d at least say some brief words to help celebrate the occasion. :-)

I love you honey!

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