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A fan-tastic neon fix...

Yes you guessed it I fixed the radiator fan problem on the Neon.

Underneath the power distribution center (fancy name for fuse/relay box) in the engine compartment there was a dark green wire that had worn through and corroded itself in two. Soldered in a new piece of wire and the fans work just fine and I have no engine codes except the one that says I cleared the codes.

Yay! Transportation that doesn't overheat in stop and go traffic! ^_^

Next up is the EL gauge overlay installation. I'm hopefully going to be able to hook that to the 12v illumination wire in the radio circuit as that should have the right current rating and goes on and off with the dash lighting.

I also really need a pair of 6.5" door speakers for that car. The 3" ones give me some sound but they just aren't quite right. Maybe I'll see if Freecycle can come up with a pair for me.

Starting to try and organize tasks using a service called Remember The Milk which is okay but it doesn't seem to have a working OSX client for iCal or Thunderbird. (The Thunderbird plugin won't load on a current version of TB. *grumble*) Anyway the iPhone app and Tasque for Linux seem to work really well together. I'm hoping that my wife and I can have a synchronized task list and calender using all this. It would be nice. And if we like it enough I'll see about paying the $25/each a year to go "pro" with it. Depends on if we can afford that or not.

Still amazed at how well our older (V7) "fat" PS3 plays DVDs. It's damn clear even using just the composite setup. I got the Wii component cable in but not the PS3 one yet. And I have to think long and hard how to re-organize things for the Wii anyway because there's not a component "Game/Aux" input on our receiver. Again - *grumble*. I'll figure it all out.

Deciding on if I want to audit the CCNA classes again. I'm running out of time but I could attend at least one of them without too much trouble but is it going to be worth it to me? Attending those classes actually cost me money especially if I have to take the train into Chicago.

Also deciding if I want to post all my worldbuilding stuff for The Unlicensed. It currently fills two moleskin style notebooks and covers a lot including how old Bird actually is in relation to George as well as what the world is like in that universe. (Both on and off Earth.) I'm leaning towards not putting it up simple because of some of the stuff it contains.

Stuff is melting quite well around here finally. Hopefully I can replace the tire valve on the tractor tonight so I can shove some of this stuff off to the side before it freezes up again. Thankfully I had another tire valve around here so I don't have to spend any money to get the tractor repaired.

There just seems to be a flurry of repairs to be done of late. Distractions all of them. Also necessary. All of them.

Enough. Off to the workshop to work on the tractor then study.

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