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Mental Meanderings...

So I just spent quite a while out in the garage photographing things to list on E-Bay. Turns out I have a lot more than I thought that can go up there and with the special E-Bay is running on listing fees a ton of it is going up there tomorrow.

I can dearly use the spare income to pick up a number of things for the house as well as projects that I need to finish such as router stuff for CCNA lab work.

Stalled on writing at the moment. I've made myself a task to write every day and haven't pushed on it yet. Hopfully I can get it rolling tomorrow.

It was good to get back out in the workshop tonight. I did managed to look over my CCNA notes and will likely take another practice exam tomorrow to see if I've made any progress. Between the snow, vehicle repairs, house maintenance, and other things...I haven't been able to get out there.

I don't think I'm going to audit the CCNA classes again unless I fail the certification exam. It would just cost us too much money to do that even if the classes are free. Between gas/train fare, food, and misc. we just can't afford it right now. Just have to make do with the videos, books, and notes I guess.

My daughter has no school until Tuesday. WTF? Teacher conferences and President's Day. We didn't get nearly so many days off when I was in school. *farts dust* Get off my lawn you kids!

Anyway I'll bring the CCNA books inside the house until then. That will at least allow me to read the stuff over again while keeping an eye on my daughter. I'd love to take the time to spent working with my daughter on her homework but right now my homework takes precedence unfortunately. :-(

Need to put more tea out in the workshop. I'm running out of it out there and I do tend to drink a lot of it. Also I'll be running low on tobacco for my pipe again. That stuff is not as cheap as it was either. Fortunately a certain drug store chain has big bags for under $20 and they last quite a while even if it's not the best quality. I miss my "Gandalf" tobacco I used to get online. The place I used to get it from no longer sells tobacco now and it was a house brand.

Went out to help my in-laws with their Wii today. It was extremely nice to get out of the house but I find that I'm still a lead foot on the gas pedal. It doesn't help that I like the car and that it's a fairly short shifting sport model that corners flat. Makes me want to go fast. ;-) Still I need to take my foot out of it as that car is perfectly capable of getting 35 mpg or better and we need to conserve our resources.

Off to deal with my family and maybe then bed...

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