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Studious Studyng...

So I brought the CCNA book into the house today and managed to study a random section - the wireless section. I got all but two of the review questions right. I'll need to memorize the mazimum effective distances and maximum distances but otherwise I know 90% of that section really well.

I'm going to pick a random section each day and study it then take an exam test each night to see where I stand. I need help in all areas.

I've been keeping up with my tasks I've set for myself using "Remember the Milk". If you've never looked at it I highly suggest it. It's an online service that syncs with iPhone/Linux/Windows and supposedly with Mac but I haven't managed that yet. Anyway the free service syncs everything once per day but for $25/year you have a lot more flexibility including multiple syncing at any time. We can't afford that yet so I'm maintaining the list promarily on the iPhone and letting it sync to the others. So far it's working well for me.

To that end I've been meditating and grounding every day as well as managing to motivate on the study and chores front. Right now I'm taking time out to watch one of the four drawing videos we have around here on VHS. We've had the videos for years but I've never gotten to them until now.

With the impending potential doom of WIA funding cuts I really need to study at least one chapter of the CCNA book a day and repeatedly test. I don't have many other options so the best survival through all this is to get the CCNA completed before the funding is cut. (Provided that the funding cuts don't get bogged down or overturned or something. I hope I hope.)

I also have access to a number of other training videos that I need to watch on different subjects. The more I can learn the better off I am. I think I'm going to take the time to go down to the headhunter and take their Linux proficiency exams again so I show them that I do have skills in those areas.

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