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21:31 PM 02/19/2011

So once again I forgot that I can't touch my eyes after visiting my friend's house because he has cats. Hours later after flushing them and taking a nap the right eye is finally useable again. Y'know maybe goggles will take off as a trend. I'd love a pair like Atrus from Riven has. Maybe it's time to send in my cheap chippers for custom lenses. (My daughter's new glasses come first though.)

My wife is doing fine learning manual transmission. She's still not comfortable yet but she's getting there. A couple of more lessons and some solo time and she'll be fine.

Managed to get another chapter in the CCNA book studied. Still going slow but a chapter a day is good progress for me. Due to my eyeball I didn't get out to the workshop to test but I'm hoping to do that tomorrow. With the WIA busting going on in the House I want to get this completed so I at least have something to show for my impending student loan.

On that note - this country is pissing me off in the politics arena. I mean while the rest of the world seems to be starting riots and protests to remove their dictators this country (the US) seems to be intent on allowing them more and more power at the expense of those of us in the middle or at the bottom of things.

I don't want to see the use of the fourth box in my lifetime or my daughter's but with all the things we've seen changed in my country in the last decade alone I'm fairly certain that peaceful protests will fail miserably. (Wisconsin not withstanding.) There may be a time when all of us in this country will be called upon to fight our own government. I hope to hell that doesn't happen.

To that end those of you sitting on the sidelines enjoying your beer and NASCAR get up off your butts and take a look around you. It's not about abortions, it's not about welfare, it's not about terrorists. Those are all distractions. What it's really about is a small amount of rich bastards taking everything we have and keeping us quiet in the process.

And once our voice is gone it will take blood to get it back.

So use it. Now.

If you don't have the courage or guts to talk to congress-critters ore government people about it then talk to your neighbors. Get them talking about the problems. Get them talking to their neighbors and friends and co-workers. Get. Them. Talking.

And hopefully...just maybe...we can prevent a bloody revolution. Okay?

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