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Flitting Files...

So I didn't sleep well again last night. It was a combination of things that I won't go into here. If there weren't so many downsides to taking sedatives I'd certainly consider it sometimes.

Part of it is I've been off my diet recently. Not horribly but a lot of rich food that has caused me to pick up an extra 10 pounds so I'm now 5' 7", 235lbs in my shorts. I'll rectify this shortly.

Doing the file transfer to my wife's new notebook today. We're on an extended payment plan with a very good friend for it and he's fine with that. I just buy him things off of his Amazon wish list from time to time as we can afford it. Probably buy him something next paycheck as this one is take up with mortgage, food, truck plates, and the DSL among other things. Anyway there's still a ton of applications to install on the thing including iTunes and Writing with Symbols but I can do that with my wife after she comes home. She'll surely tell me what she needs and what's missing. I'll install LibreOffice to cover the gaps between her previous Office Professional and the newly installed Office 2007 Basic. If we need to get a formal version of something it'll have to wait until we can afford it. And LibreOffice should cover most things.

Still need to scrub and clean the house but that's being pushed off in favor of a ton of other things.

The tomato plants and bean are surviving. The cherry tomato plant has two blossoms on it as well as one on the heirloom tomato. Trimmed both back today a little. The bean is not doing so hot. I actually forgot about it for a bit and lost the first bean but it's growing a second one. Need to get some plant food if we can afford it. A fly strip seems to be helping take care of the gnats.

Left my gardening catalogs with the in-laws so they can choose what they want to grow in the family garden they're helping me build in the side yard. Conservative estimates place that at 10' x 50' minimum and probably a little larger. This is in addition to the 25' x 25' garden space behind the garage. We should be able to grow a good crop this year. :-) Still for the side yard garden I'm going to have to put up the plastic hexagon style chicken wire around the entire thing to keep critters (both two and four legged) out of it. As my dead melon plants from last year will attest we do have critters that will eat plants around here - probably rabbits and deer. On top of all this I'll have to start plants indoors again in almost any window I can put a pot in. The more I start the better the chances of having them grow. I'm hoping the growing season this year is longer than last year.

It's frozen outside again. A light dusting of snow but nothing else right now. I can't wait for it to get warmer. I'm damn tired of snow. I can handle heat. Especially if there's good airflow and possibly A/C. Hot and humid or deadly cold are the worst though.

Speaking of cooling - check out the latest Ben Heck show. He builds a peltier based can cooler that's pretty simple and surprisingly efficient. The design also lends itself to cooling a pipe of flowing water though he didn't say that. Throw in a solar panel and... ;-)

Cut my own hair again and once again I didn't get the back quite right. It looks kind of egg-shaped unfortunately. Have to rectify that. But it saves us money so it's a good thing even if we have to dink with it. I'll get it right eventually.

I probably posted this once before but I figured out how to make the Whizzing Arrow fly using ducted thrust. It'll take a fly-by-wire program to R/C it but if it were a 1:1 sized star racer you could use exactly the same bike style controls to fly it. Again as with most designs like this it wouldn't be fuel efficient but hey it's a racer not a marathon runner. ;-)

Well the dog is scratching to go out and I need to focus on the next chapter in my CCNA studies so I'm signing off for now...

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