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Scattered Scuttling...

Some lessons I never seem to learn.

I cleaned the back entrance bathroom...and didn't open a window. So once again I got a snoot full of chemicals. Wonderful. Aren't you supposed to get smarter as you get older?

Anyway managed to get all the bills paid today and hopefully I'll be able to get some things up on E-Bay this evening. (We could really use the extra cash.)

I wish there was a way to make money writing as an amature. I really really enjoy it but there's no way I can afford to do it in any professional manner at this time. *grump*

Those of you in the land down under should expect to wear lead underware if you're flying. The TFA (?) is now using backscatter X-Ray machines just like a lot of places in the US. Supposedly they're using them to do deep cavity scans which means you're getting the equivalent of a chest X-Ray in radiation exposure. I'll try and edit this to post the link later since I'm composing this offline at the moment. The picture shows the operator wearing no shielding clothing so expect them to have a higher rate of exposure and health issues. Stupidity abounds it appears.

I need to start constructing starter boxes for seedlings here very soon. Need to have seedlings by April when it hopefully is both raining and warm enough to start planting some things. We're going to need the extra food and if I can grow it all so much the better.

Still studying a chapter a day in the CCNA book but I'm having issues remembering things. Need more Lecithin in my diet among other things.

Just filled up the tank on the Neon today (Dorothy - yeah I don't know why either) and got a reading of 20 mpg. That means I need to take my foot out of it. I think I'm going to ask some hypermilers if they know anybody local that could teach me the ins and outs of driving for maximum economy. I'm not going to shut off the engine while driving as some do but I'm sure there are other things that I definitely don't know. Need to conserve where I can.

Need to clean the house both physically and from a magick standpoint. I think there's some junk floating around that needs to go. I'm not going to burn sage or anything but I will definitely air the house out and sprinkle some salt on the door and window sills of the house just on general principle. It's been a while since I put my house in order so to speak on the magick front.

And to that end I should be able to open the doors at least (some of the windows are still sealed) and runt the furnace fan without the heater to circulate the air in the house and clean it out a bit. We likely need the ducts cleaned but there's no way to afford that yet.

There's so much that I want to do in the way of house repairs/upgrades that it's not funny. Unfortunately those are not primary things and I need to step back from them. Unfortunately I get cool ideas that I want to implement that would make things look so much better.

For instance I figured out that I can take the old shower surround and bond amber mica sheets to it with copper retaining strips. Then coat it with several coats of waterproof clear-coat and voila' - instant very cool looking tub surround. Then use enamel tub paint to change the color of the tub to complement the surround and clean it up. I think we could make it look really nice without spending a lot of money. Turns out amber mica in 18" x 36" sheets are only $35/each or so not counting shipping.

I think if I can keep generating E-Bay money I'll try and collect materials needed to upgrade things so they're there when I need them. I think I can do that without spending too much money over time.

*checks time*

Time to get back to the house and clean the other bathroom...

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