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Urgent Updates...

February 25, 2011 11:31 AM 2/25/11

If anybody out there runs a BIND server for DNS you might want to do an update pronto!

Turns out any version older than 9.7.3 has an exploit in it that allows Denial Of Service attacks quite easily. I’m updating as we speak for my homes servers. The Netra T1-105 built it quite easily but the --disable-atomic build on the Cobalt RAQ is taking considerably longer. (No more than I expect with that box though.)

Slowly coming to terms with my task lists. I’ve gotten a few done today but still have been postponing a bunch of them. Which means that likely I’m not spacing them far enough apart in the first place. I’ll get the hang of it.

Almost have the trunk lock on Dorothy unstuck. It looks like the back tumblers are frozen because I can only get the key 3/4 of the way into the lock. I’ve sprayed it with a bunch or penetrating oil which should unfreeze those tumblers over time. It may take several applications to free them up.

Figured out what I’m going to need to do to change the lighting in the other dash controls. The fog light/defogger switches have a yellow bulb that I can replace with a blue or green LED and resistor. Those are no problem. The main heater controls aren’t a problem as well because they just use plain white bulbs that I can also swap for blue or green LED. The knobs are a bit of a quandary. They use a plastic light channel (like fiber optics) to light up the dot on the knob. And it’s tinted yellow plastic.

Now I could run wires to them from the bulb sockets and embed LEDs in them but that would leave me with “wired” knobs which I’m not thrilled with. The best solution though would be another bent piece of plastic but clear. I think I can make that but it’s not going to be easy.

Took another certification test last night and scored AGAIN 74%. *fume* WHY CAN”T I ABSORB ALL THIS STUFF! B-(

I’ll get it all but it’s just so frustrating as to how long it takes me to pick it all up.

In money news I did all the research on the things I want to list on E-Bay and the numbers look good for most of it. Some things may or may not be worth listing but most are. Some of the really old computer stuff I couldn’t find. That could be good or it could be bad. The W-5M heathkit amps with a sequential set of serial numbers should go for quite a good sum though even with the one not working.

Well...back to cleaning...

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