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Cubic Confusions...

11:28 AM 03/08/2011

I've learned more about icemakers in the last 24 hours than I ever wanted to. However I'm now pretty sure I can fix most of the older icemakers out there. Have to wait and see if ours produces regular ice now. It made a few cubes last night but nothing near a whole night's worth. If we have to replace it the cost is only $40 so it can be budgeted for but I'd really like to fix the one we have if possible.

Still studying. I'm waist deep in the section on Frame Relay at the moment but should be done with that section today or tomorrow. I'm not going to immediately take a certification test like I've done in the past because lately they've been demoralizing. I want a big change so I'm just going to keep studying and take one a week from now.

This week I also have to finish editing the child story about Oranaan I've recently written for Torn World. I'm way behind and I have to re-write a significant part of the story and make it longer. (Though I disagree with some of the editing conclusions and will take them up with the set of eyeballs that suggested them. Nothing big but there are reasons I'm not doing certain things.) Anyway I have two days to finish that - well a day and a half now - but I should be able to get done with them provided the universe allows me to. (Damn icemaker!)

I also need to spend for some concrete sooner versus later because once again ground water was leaking into the basement from that cut footer thanks to a previous owner. I also am going to start my two-by-four-a-week/PVC-pipe-a-week purchase with this check as we need to start accumulating supplies to renovate come spring. We should paint as well if we can afford it.

That reminds me that I'm going to have to source out some black dirt for raised beds this year. I have all the other materials but I want raised beds to help absorb water among othet things. Also have to buy black plastic chicken wire to surround the new large garden space as well as lattice to surround the existing one. Hmm...maybe lattice would work by itself. It certainly would look better but would it keep out the critters? Hmm...

Turns out the Neon is using a bit of oil but it's nowhere near as bad as any of the other cars I've owned. I'll give the engine compartment and everything in it a good cleaning this spring and find out where the leak is. It's not near bad enough to be a rear main seal but I'll know for sure when I do the cleaning job on it.

We're getting an okay tax refund this year and while we need to buy things I'm trying like hell to resist the temptation to pour it into the house and other things. We really need to repair and upgrade a bunch of things around here - our fridge for instance is not Energy Star rated so we could probably save quite a bit by replacing it. (If we do that we'll go with a side-by-side with a water/ice dispenser. Definitely.)

In technology news a friend of mine gave me a Western Digital MyBook USB enclosure for me to use with my WD "green" 1TB drive. And it's slow as hell on my Mac. It's taken a buttload of time just to backup half of my MacBook on it. We'll see how it does as a storage drive on the network. Maybe it'll be better under Linux or something.

On top of that one of my servers (a Sun Netra T1-105 running Fedora) decided to kernel panic again. I think it's a temperature related thing because it's been both cold and damp in the basement. But then we've also had power issues lately and I can't afford to replace the UPS that died last year. Actaully that's not quite true. I may have a working UPS I could cobble the batteries into. I'll have to look into that. Maybe tonight. Battery banks charged by solar or wind are something that I _highly_ want around here.

Off to study more then housework...

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