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Undulating UPS...

12:01 PM 03/10/2011

So I found another battery and am trying that in Banpei. It's giving me a nice orange charging light so we'll see. Hopefully that will work. The one that I did nothing but clean a bit seems to be charging well enough but it looks like it has a right wheel issue. Need to do a full cleaning on it. The third one that I repaired doesn't seem to be charging at all so maybe I need to look at it again.

Maybe I should repair these things for a living...

The icemaker appears no better at the moment even after further adjustments so I think that's a definite $50 total to spend when the tax return comes in. That will replace anything to do with the icemaker and _should_ fix the problem once and for all. I hope I hope.

I also installed the batteries from the dead 700VA UPS battery backup into the 1200VA UPS and it seems to be charging okay. That means it really is only a 700VA backup unit but if it works and protects my servers then so be it. Have to figure out how to mount the batteries in the case because it's different in shape but that shouldn't be too hard. Even if I have to have the batteries lying off to the side I don't mind. As long as it does it's job as needed.

Finished the revisions on my next Torn World story. It's in the queue waiting to see what the powers that be think of it. If I don't hear anything I'll submit it to the canon board for inclusion into the universe in question. We'll see. Still have another two stories to write for that universe yet that I haven't gotten to.

I've found myself singing more while working. Not sure what's up with that but I kind of like it. I'm definitely more confident about my singing lately as I was able to manage to sing along with Every Rose Has It's Thorn while playing Guitar Hero at a friend's house. I'm also getting better at Bass on there as well. And I actually enjoy stopping by there as a break every now and then.

I also am starting another chapter in the CCNA book today. I got about 5 out of 15 wrong in the last chapter but they were all stupid mistakes that I wouldn't make in a router console. Studying something like this really suffers from not enough hands-on for me. The problem is that it would cost about $200 to really get a full usable router lab in here complete with cables and cards and right now I don't have that. The simulation software works but it's Windows only and that's not either of my primary desktops. I'll find a solution that doesn't require throwing money at the problem.

I know I said that the electronics stuff should be a secondary but I keep finding myself wanting to work with it. I'm certain that's avoidance of all the other things on my plate right now so I'm resisting. The Roomba repairs were because I'm tired of stepping on dogfood our furkid leaves on the carpet as well as all the stuff my wife and daughter track in because nobody takes their shoes off at the door.

Hardwood floors are definitely on the renovation list.

Speaking of renovations I've come up with a good solution to our nasty looking shower and tub. The shower surround is easy because I can clean up the nasty extra caulk using mineral spirits then paint it with the bonding plastic paint. That will seal everything AND make it look 1000 times better. The tub is similar in the I can find tub painting kits for not too much money. Sanding the tub down and painting it wouldn't be too hard even in that small space. Then all that's left would be to change out the fixtures when we can afford to. I think the whole job can be done for $100 or so not counting the cost of fixtures but that's almost certainly a conservative estimate. All told I think the bathroom is our best choice for our first renovation project because it's small and can be done cheaply. I'm betting I could perk up that bathroom for under $500 total. And that could be spent over time.

All hail Pepsi Throwback. I found it in cans at the local big box grocery store. It's like it changes stores whenever we look for it. Anyway it's fantastic because the natural sugar doesn't make me sleepy when I drink it. And frankly it contains less sugar than what we put in our coolaid to be honest. I think other than the large amounts of water I drink it'll be my soda of choice. At least until Coke changes PR forms and allows themselves to put out regular sugar Coke en-mass again. Or until Dublin Dr. Pepper is allowed to mass-ship through the regular channels again instead of their limited distribution area.

One can hope... ;-)

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