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So the CCNA chapter for today is IP Routing. I'm going to eat into that today as can and hopefully I'll get all the review questions right.

Studying would be so much easier if I didn't have to worry about my income, the house, and a ton of other things. *grump*

Still it could be worse - I could be in northern Japan right now. (My friend in Tokyo is okay thankfully.)

The offshore earthwuake really tsunami'd the farmers and others living in that area not to mention the coastal people. The videos are just stunning. The thing that keeps running through my mind is how bad this will affect the food supplies on the island.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - _EVERYBODY_ should have the ability and resources to grow _SOMETHING_ edible where they live. Even if it produces only supplemental food that's food you don't have to buy. We're technologically advanced enough as a species that we can figure out simple ways to grow food no matter where we live.

In the deserts - you should be making homes underground where the temp is regulated and there is a better chance of water or evaporating moisture from the air.

In the rainforests - hell it's hard NOT to grow something edible in these regions but at the very least you can do a small indoor garden under at in roof with soda bottle skylights.

In the cold and frozen north - you're hampered by lack of sun and cold temps for half the year but the other half of the year you can grow and store food. (Heck that is a perfect place for my inflatible CO2 greenhouse idea.)

Apartments - they sell all sorts of name brand as well as generic hydroponic often with lighting. All you need is seeds/plants and nutrients. If you've got a Southern or Western window (or whatever gets sunlight) the task is even easier.

Shacks, shantys, sheds, garages, roofs, tents, yurts, cabins, heck almost anywhere you live you can grow food either completely or for supplemental purposes.

As humans we're about the most adaptable tool-using species on the planet. If we put our minds to it we can live anywhere.

And that brings me to another point - the planet appears to be getting more violent on average. More storms, more extremes. It's almost like Mother is getting ready to toss us. And if that's the case I say let her do it.

Why so cruel? Two reasons:

1) We need to be off this rock to survive. It's just too small and there's too many of us and we're outgrowing our cradle. If we're forced off this rock at least the human race will survive elsewhere.

2) If the planet kicks us out we will hopefully be far more careful anywhere else we land. 'Cause let's face it a good chunk of us are not being careful with this one. Myself included.

But then I'm just one grumpy geek ranting into the electronic darkness. Hell I can't even repair a damn icemaker. (It decided to make a bunch of ice last night then just stop. *headdesk*)

In slightly more positive news I finished the final draft of my recent Torn World story. Waiting to see if it's accepted by the canon board or not. I hope it is.

It's weird but once I get started writing the initial pouring out of the story often doesn't take me long. The last story - approximately 3900 words - took me less than a day for the initial draft. Then the initial edits took also less than a day, the final edits less than an hous really. So yeah if I want to I can crank out the words. The problem is will they be good words or just words? Or worse will they be horrible and hard to read words that give nothing to anyone? I try and make sure anything I write stands on it's own in quality.

I'm not vain enough to believe that they always do that though. ;-)

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