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Nasty Nukee...

19:32 PM 03/12/2011

So now they think another one of the reactors in Japan may be melting down not just leaking. I tell ya the Japanese just can't get a break on this one.

Despite all that I hope they can get it under control. They're a very capable and fleible nation of people and I have a lot more faith in them than some others.

On a brighter note I just acquired a 1960's Kenmore Model 54 sewing machine from my sister.

It's in need of some TLC (new belt, oil, rust removal, stitching cogs) but it's a damn sturdy machine and doesn't have a computer in it. Just simple mechanics and electricity and heavy duty. Good stuff.

Looks like the mosfet replacements on the roombas didn't take. I bet I heated them up too much while soldering. I'll have to try again because having these working saves me a hell of a lot of time. I still have to vacuum places but anything that is open floor gets taken care of when these are running. It's an incredible help believe it or not.

A rare moment of watching TV with the wife. It's Disney's Aladdin on FMC and I can't believe how chopped up it is. But then a number of things from that movie were changed once it left the theater.

Anyway I'm going to go back to having a simple night with family...

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Tags: disasters, japan, roombas, sewing
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