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Dangling Dollars...

08:37 AM 03/18/2011

So they finally secured the wifi at the restaurant like I've been telling them to do for quite some time now. Good. I'd hate to see my credit card data taken by someone with a wifi pineapple. (Look that one up on your own - it's interesting.)

Somewhere in the evening the ponies took over my brain and I wrote what I posted. That was interesting because I like it and it feels right for where we _should_ be headed as people in general. Unfortunately we're not there yet.

The tax return came in last night so I'm obviously taking advantage of that to get out of the house for breakfast. Even though we shouldn't spend it I really really want each of us to get one decent thing out of it. Something to increase our feeling of worth a bit for a little while. I never thought I'd say this but my wife could use some new clothes.

Having money you can't spend is obviously just as frustrating as having no money at all. There are so many things I want but I have to keep it in check. As an exercise in control I deleted about 70 or so items off of my E-Bay watch list and I'll likely take the pruning shears to my Amazon Wishlist as well. I did get a couple of things this morning though - an external charger and extra battery for the video camera. It was under $30 total and it stopped me from buying the exact same copy of that camera so I can use it out in the workshop for electronics and repair videos and other things. I may still get the second camera but likely not with this return. (And yes right now my wife is gnashing her teeth because I spent money. Apologies honey.)

It looks like even though it's going to get colder again it won't get below freezing for any serious amount of time. That means I can start work on the yard and the garden. I still need to fill some orange bags with the back garden due to having some of that old carpeting lying around there but if I can I'll just buy an extra roll.

I've figured out what I want to do with the real estate signposts. I'm going to replace some of the fence posts in the back garden with them and attach lattice to the entire thing to make the area a little more private. The remaining posts will be put in the one small bed near the baement and in front of the back garden space. Then I will build a box on top of them to grow things in.

I don't need to make those boxes serve for upside-down plants now because I rescued four extremely tall garden hooks while helping someone clean out a storage unit. Those are definitely tall enough to hang upside-down planters off of and I will certainly do so.

As for the rest of the yard I need to start removing the old rotten posts in the side yard and map out where the big garden bed is going to go. Once I've gotten that figured out I can start laying down the boards and screwing stakes to them so they can just be put into the ground like edging. If I can't find galvanized plates to use to attach them to each other I'll just cut small pieces of board and use those.

Once that's all done I'll fill the area with a layer of landscape fabric. Debating on if I want to remove the grass or not. On the one hand I don't have to worry about it growing through but that's a lot of work. On the other hand it _shouldn't_ grow through anyway and then I just get to dump black dirt on it.

I want this to be a vary large raised bed so I don't have to deal with the city complaining asbout me digging holes in my yard.

It occurs to me that I could put a layer of regular newspaper down under the landscape fabric and that should take care of things quite nicely. Yep. That will work just fine. :-)

I've almost completed repairs on the Kenmore 54 sewing machine. It'll thread now properly and I was able to sew a straight stitch on a shop rag but there are still some issues. The first is that I can't figure out what I did wrong with the clutch knob because the clutch is always engaged. The second is that I need to polish the thread guides because they are a little rough inside and break the thread easily. I can see the rust in them. The third is that I had to use penetating oil to free up some of the movements in the machine and now it has a bit much in it. I can dry most of it out but I'll likely have to cycle it repeatedly for some time until it all works out.

Other than that it cycles just fine. I spooled a bobbin with it and that worked okay as well. Needs a bulb. I wonder if they make sewing machine bulbs in LED configuration.

It's definitely time to take the plow blade off the tractor and put the mowing deck back onto it. I need to get that thing into the shed somehow and get the truck into the workshop so I can do the repairs on it. I'm going to need it for hauling wood chips and dirt for the yard stuff. Not to mention hauling my boat. (Yet another thing to spend money on but once it's licensed it's cheap for me to go fishing with it so as not to go insane during times of no money.)

*sigh* My onion rings are almost gone and so am I...

There's a camping trip later this year and I'm really looking forward to it because it's the one where we pare down to only essentials so we can do a pack-it-in/pack-it-out trip at some point. I'm way behind. I don't even have a good stove built yet or cooking gear. Have to rectify that before this trip...

*grump* There are dishes waiting for me at home as well as other chores. I don't want to go. I really don't. My back is tired and I would love to just pack it in...

My sense of responsibility and honor won't let me do that though.

Dammit! Why can't I just be one of the irresponisble people that care nothing, make tons of money from questionable means, and enjoy the fruits of my labors! *double-grump*


Oh well...I really wouldn't like that life anyway.

There's a line that always comes to mind when I think aabout this stuff. It's from the Stephen King movie Thinner. The old Gypsy is talking to the guy after being forced to remove the curse from him and he tells him to "Die clean.". That idea has alwas struck me as a good one that as many people should follow as possible.

You don't have to die tomorrow but you do have to die clean.

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