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19:20 PM 03/19/2011

So we went out today and I made my wife spend money on herself because she's been financially constipated lately and that can lead to some ugly binge spending when money _does_ come in. She got herself some things, I got myself some things, and fun was had by all. (We reserved the state tax money, a mortgage payment, and paid bils first.)

We also took Richie in for his annual shots and wellness visit and he received a clean bill of health without any problems. This doc wasn't as concerned about his weight as the last doc. We've come to the conclusion that he must be the runt of the litter and his 9.9 lbs is close to a good weight for him as a Lhasa Apso. Still need to get him groomed though.

Ordered myself a keyboard skin from E-Bay for my Macbook as well as a back cover from Gelaskins. I really should replace the whole upper keyboard deck on this system but it's all working okay even if it is cracked so I'm not spending the money just yet.

My mother paid me for the sewing table repair I did for her a while back and since it was unexpeced money I rolled it into future use in the form of a tool for my woodworking - I bought a biscuit joiner on E-Bay that wasn't too expensive - and I gave the rest to my wife to spend. The joiner is something I've been wanting to get for a while and I can use it for a number of projects down the road so I think it's a good investment.

My wife has been giving me guff about watching MLP:FIM so I've been playing Pinkie Pie clips in the background all day. ;-P Seriously though any kids cartoon that has several fandom references in it (including two timelords) as well as musical numbers that wouldn't be out of place in a Doctor Horrible style show is all right by me. (For the record I like Pinkie because inside my head that's how my mind works. I can be every bit as random as her any day of the week. Though maybe not as quickly.)

Waiting for my wife to get home from her autism seminar she went to so I can take my friends up on their invitation for either Mahjong or Band Hero. Either way I need to get out of the house.

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