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Pinkie ya gotta stand up tall!

I get a fair amount of crap for watching kids cartoons but quite honestly people can bite me. They're funny, often have adult references in them, and help me relax. People need to lighten up and just laugh more

There's people out there right now that do a million worse things than a 42 year old male watching cartoon ponies.

I told my mother one day recently while we were sitting in the local pancake place that people need so much to just smile and laugh. If they did that it would almost certainly help them deal with all the serious issues much easier and make their days that much lighter.

*sigh* Unfortunately I don't think I can make the whole world laugh. I tried recently with my "Pure Evil" hat by telling people I was running for government on the Truth In Advertising platform but that only got a chuckle out of some people.

The truth of the matter is I've lately been having trouble laughing myself. It's hard. And when you can't make yourself laugh you aren't easily going to make others laugh either.

I've got a lot of things on my plate that just don't seem to let up. Everything from house stuff to studying to finding a job. All not laughing matters.

Or are they?

I mean yeah we're worried about my finding some sort of income but that lends itself to jokes about "Well I'd better start collecting cardboard for our next house or all the good refrigerator boxes will be gone!" or maybe "We could always change our name to Troll and live under a bridge somewhere." or even "Okay we'll move in with your mother but I get to live in the crawlspace okay?". (And yes I'm aware that these jokes seem insensitive in the wake of the Japan disaster. Sorry they were just examples that came to mind.)

These are the times of black comedy and nervous laughter but laughter nonetheless.

It's damn hard for me to keep positive at times. Damn hard. But I keep trying even though I don't want to.

(And believe me I'm so tired sometimes I'd love to stop trying altogether. There are times I don't want to do much of anything.)

So I think I'll set another goal in my task minder. Every day I will make one person as well as myself laugh. It won't be easy but I think the results will be worth it.

Hmm...I wonder if I should start another journal as Pinkie Pie...nah! There's probably one already out there! :-)

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Tags: black humor, cartoons, depression, laughing, my little pony friendship is magic
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