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So this morning I woke up extremely sore but it was actually a good thing.

In the past I mentioned that I kept feeling like things were touching my face while I was trying to get to sleep in our bedroom. Well while we were out replacing our knife sharpener yesterday I ran across something I didn't think of before - sleep masks.

Never thought I'd say this but it worked like a charm. I still got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but when I got back to bed I went back to sleep. In the morning I was sore because I didn't really move around all night. That means REM sleep.

I don't know what's going on overall but whatever it is the mask seems to help.

And I had some of the oddest dreams.

Last night I was a mother and daughter pair that was lost and homeless. (I got the impression for some reason that we were in England but I don't know why.)

Anyway we kept being helped by people offering for us to stay in their homes and each time it turned out it was a ghost helping us and when we left the house became empty.

There was nothing bad about it but there were some bittersweet moments. Each stay was pleasant and we helped the ghosts move on but it became annoying because we couldn't tell who was dead and who wasn't.


Anyway if I'm dreaming deeply again that's a good thing. Maybe I'll eventually get over the sleep deprivation caused by years of 2 a.m "OMG! SOMETHING BROKE!" phone calls, insomnia, and late projects.

I'm a night person by nature but when you are forced to keep a morning schedule AND are up all night often it tends to take it's toll.

I mapped out the back garden space on paper yesterday and it looks like it'll be pretty easy to do. Now I just have to get the materials together and start ripping out all the existing junk and weeds back there. It'll be hard work but it's worth it.

This year I think I'm sticking to the seeds I already have. I'll be planting...

Moon & Stars Watermelons
Purple Pole Beans
French Climbing Beans
Blue Lake Bush Beans
A kind of cantaloupe that I can't remember the name of.
Orange Bell Peppers

Not to mention the existing raspberries.

This year I mean to be vigilant about putting out the damn beetle traps. I intend to surround the gardens with them if I have to. Probably means I need to start buying them now. (Or I should have been buying them over winter.) The damn beetles are not going to be allowed to eat my plants this year!

I also intend to see what I can do about getting the rose bushes protected this year. I think newspaper, landscape fabric, and wood chips will be the solution to that.

I'm really looking forward to the family garden thing. I think I'm going to get started constructing it as soon as it gets warm enough then maybe tell them all I need is dirt and have them provide dirt if they can. If not then I suppose I'll buy about a bag or five a week until I have enough to fill it. Need to buy the plastic chicken wire to surround it to keep at least rabbits out. And I need to wire a couple of motion lights. Fortunately I don't have to buy those as I already have a pair of them.

Dried banana chips as well as apple slices last night. Both came out slightly chewy. For some reason I can't seem to get the banana chips crunchy.

Of course running the dehydrator all last night reminded me that I pretty much blew Earth Hour out of the water for our house even though we participated in it. But then with all that I run here electrically we keep the lights low or off more often than not anyway to conserve energy.

I'd love to install solar panels both on the house and the workshop but that's a ton of money that we just don't have right now. Even though it would save us a buttload down the road. (I'd install a grid-tie system on the house and an off-the-grid system in the workshop.) It would also be a good thing for me as well because I could install 48V power supplies in my servers and run them off of DC directly and be much more efficient there.

Speaking of servers I don't know what's going on but the intarwebs just seems slow as hell in random places. Don't know what's going on there but something is tweaking my "Pinkie Sense" telling me that there's something big on the move. If you guys have any pending security updates I'd do them.

Upgraded to Firefox 4 on my Macbook and whole bunch of my add-ons haven't caught up with it yet. Boo! The add-on people should have their act together yes but Firefox should have a button for "Run incompatible add-ons. You do this at your own risk!". I mean really guys every time a major update hits I lose functionality that I regularly use and it either takes a ton of time for the add-on developer to catch up OR I have to spend hours searching for a new add-on that does the same thing. You guys are getting as bad as the Gnome developers that remove features without giving an option to re-enable them.

Started working through the Skillpath Linux stuff available from the headhunter. Hopefully I can run through those then take their Linux Assessment because the guy told me that they have a repeated customer looking for junior Linux admins. While being a Linux admin isn't necessarily less stressful the operating system is a bit more stable which leads to slightly more sanity in the server room. (*LOL!* Sorry - couldn't say that with a straight face. Sanity in a server room...really... *chuckle!*)

Sharp kitchen knives and the food dehydrator just reminded me that it's time to make beef jerky again. So I'll probably pick up some meat when we go grocery shopping this afternoon and then start up some of that for tonight. Have to figure out what kind of spices I want though when we're at the store.

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