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In the night he posts...

So if I've been a little silent please forgive me.

I've entered the final phase of my unemployment - Extended Benefits.

What you have to do for this phase is make 5 business contacts and 3 applications per week and fax those to IDES.

It's not like I wasn't looking for a job before but now this leaves me little time to do anything including study for my WIAA granted CCNA test.

And if I screw this up even once my benefits disappear. And until I find employment I can't let that happen.

I'm hoping a particular Linux based job comes through for me. It sounds like just the job I've been looking for. Casual environment, Linux servers, server room, etc. And it's not far from where I was driving to work before. (I may yet return to the days of teriyaki chicken pita lunches.)

Anyway the upshot of all this is that everything is on hold. And I mean everything. If I can get to it during the time I'm not actively looking for a job then fine but otherwise I can't afford to do it.

I'm going to try and get some sleep now...

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Apr. 11th, 2011 02:08 pm (UTC)
back to blogging!
cant let something like getting a job or keeping unemployment interfere with your stream of consciousness! Your garden plans and home improvement ideas are a continuous source of entertainment, not to mention a valuable way to keep you from going crazy.

Could be worse. In between earthquakes, I got to see Solid State Society movie in 3D (comes out nationwide end of the month). Oh, wait, wrong country! Besides the plot line is too lazy. Escaping in cyborg bodies and leaving the flesh behind for the net and all that.

In any case, you can always resurrect the mini-vax as the last bastion of big iron when the Apple IPad self-aware network finally succeeds in destroying humanity through earthquakes and tsunami.

Signing in from bouncing Tokyo, where we havent felt a tremor in a half hour!
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