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Marked by the call...

19:24 PM 04/15/2011

So once again I watched an awesome cartoon with ponies in it and I will not apologize for that. The cartoon is awesome go watch it.

One of the concepts with this cartoon and indeed their whole "universe" is the concept that your innermost thing that makes you who you are is displayed to everyone on your body.

Oh hell do I wish the humans on this planet had "cutie marks"...

Think about it. It would be awesome. There would be no sticking a person in a job just because they're there. You'd always know what people are good at what things and it would just be more efficient overall to have people do what makes them themselves.

And it's not an innermost thoughts thing either like telepathy. (Rampant telepathy would suck badly.) It would just be a literal indicator to what makes that person tick.

It also wouldn't be a voluntary assignment either. It would just appear one day and you're marked. No mis-assignment because it comes from inside.

I'm pretty sure we as humans would find some way to fuck it up though. I mean we can't even get the basic concept of "human" down everywhere.

Another thing that probably wouldn't change is people trying hard to be something that they're not. "I don't care what my cutie mark is I want to play violin!" Well in some ways that's not too bad because as humans we need to have something to strive for beyond who we are inside. But it sure as heck would be obvious when someone was going against their inner grain.

And if you think about it you too would know more about yourself - especially if you didn't understand your own mark. You'd immediately have a direction in life. That's how the mark works. It's the inner you that you may or may not accept.

But how could you not accept who you are? *sigh* Tons of people do that every day.

In other subjects once I finished job hunting today I managed to get a couple of projects out of the way. One way my $30 lighted whiteboard. I found a 27" x 50" ceiling fixture with stained glass in the corners and white plexi in the center. $9 at a local thrift shop. Bought a cord for it and some other minor parts bringing the total to $30. Flipped the bumpy piece of plexi around to the smooth side, cleaned it up, put bulbs in it, and hung it off the back of the metal rack I have in the workshop. So now I have a fairly large lighted whiteboard that I could even view xrays on if I so choose. ;-)

The other job was an odd little gift for a friend. It's a case-modded Fonera router put into an old metal Delta lantern that was defunct. It turned out okay but I'm not thrilled with it. I really could use a 3D printer so I could make custom mounts and things. (Among other things.) Anyway it's more of a joke anyway and I'll ship it out when I get a chance.

It's raining like hell right now. I used to get tired and sleepy when it rains but right now I can't seem to relax no matter what. Just stress. I'll get over it. Part of it is my body has a lot of energy recently but only in the evenings.

I ordered replacement vitamins from Puritan's Pride and it came out to $70. But I really need certain things in my diet to function properly. Even then I need to go to the local store to pick up the L-tryptophan I need to keep my seratonin levels stable. Most people use it as a sleep aid but for me it keeps some of the mental functions oiled.

Found more stuff to sell on E-Bay. I'll be listing it on Tuesday so maybe I can bolster my PayPal account a bit. I spent the last amount of it getting my wife's wedding ring repaired and sized. Not a bad thing because she's been acting weird since they had to cut it off before her ankle surgery. Anyway I've got about $50 in the account right now and that's just enough to cover a number of listing fees even though I really want to spend it.

My friend received her stuffed Ed/Ein (Cowboy Bebop) plush today. I hope it brightened her day as she had a bad day today.

I also managed to get my Wacom working properly under Ubuntu today. I had to add a special PPA (repository) for an updated driver module but it went smooth as silk and now my Graphire 3 is my primary desktop mouse. That leaves the Hanvon to give away and the Wacom Bamboo for use on my MacBook.

I was surprised that once I got it working and installed Mypaint I was able to start sketching with it. That's never happened. First sketch? An apple with a worm in it. It's squiggly, horribly unprofessional, but still it's a good start. It just felt comfortable. I was able to start to translate my mental actions into reality on the screen and that's highly important for me because once that is ingrained then the tablet will be like an extension of my body and I won't feel so incompetent with it.

Need to find some sort of employment here soon. Once that happens a lot of the existing pressure will be off. New pressures will probably appear to fill that void but the time after I get off work will be my own again.

And that is priceless.

Still hoping the Linux admin job comes through. It hits me right where I want to be. I _know_ I can do that job and do it well. And any job I can do well I feel good about.

Which is as it should be I suppose...
Tags: things i wish existed in society
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