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Sanity in insanity...

14:26 PM 04/19/2011

So after certifying for my unemployment this morning I got a cold call from a headhunter who found my resume on and wanted to submit me for a position doing help desk call center work for a particularly popular medical insurance company.

It sounds like a good job, pays more than I was looking for, and is in damn near the same place I was driving for the last decade at my previous job. So I told the headhunter to submit my resume and let me know when they want me to interview. It's not the Linux admin job but I can't afford to ignore anybody willing to potentially hire me.

I haven't gotten back to writing as of yet. That, like many other things, is on hold until I become employed again.

I have to apologize to ellenmillion. I have something in the Torn World submission queue that I haven't finished edits on. What happened was very simple and it wasn't just because I entered my Extended Benefits phase of my unemployment that suddenly takes up all my time.

After much thought on the matter it turns out that the edits (deservedly harsh ones) hit me while I was down. I just couldn't handle them because of what else is going on in my life. I was trying to climb back up out of the bucket labeled depression and they just hit me the wrong way.

And it's not their fault either because the edits for the story in question are very very correct in their reactions about what must be changed. I just couldn't, and for the moment still can't, process them mentally or emotionally. Thus I have to apologize because I'm just not up to snuff at the moment.

I really want to continue writing. I just can't spend the time doing so right now. Everything, well almost everything, is on hold until I can get fully employed and off unemployment.

It's currently raining outside right now. It's one of those grey, cold, cloudy, dreary, rainy days that suck the life out of you. The kind like when an artist takes a normally bright painting and uses a blending stick to blur all the lines to make a sad image. I posted on Facebook that there's no happiness in this rain and it's true. It doesn't even sound right on the roof.

I may or may not have managed to save the cherry tomato plant. It looks like it's dying. Hopefully it'll warm up so I can get the thing outside where it belongs.

Not sure how I'm going to get the garden done in all this. It's a necessity but it's also a lot of work. Hopefully a particular friend of my wife's will come through with something that will help me work out a deal with a coupld of the local minions so they can help me get a handle on the yard work.

Speaking of which I'm still going to try and do the big side garden this year but it looks like I'm not going to get much help. A number of the people in question are doing their own gardens in their own yards now. *sigh* Well at least I hopefully inspired them a little. We need more local gardens.

Meanwhile in all this I'm having trouble sleeping again. I'm adjusting to having the proper vitamins in my system and it's giving me more energy but at night not in the morning. Maybe I need to take the vitamins later in the day so I wake up energetic. It's also possible that if my body is going back to proper defaults then I'm going back to my reduced sleep patterns. That can be both good and bad. Time will tell.

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