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08:43 AM 04/21/2011

So with the resurgence of taking my vitamins I've been sleeping less. This is both a good and bad thing. I'm able to get more done but on the other hand I've had trouble staying asleep. I'm thinking I should maybe just roll with it and see what the results are. I certainly can get a lot more done.

That said I'm certainly starting to improve in health more than a little bit. After I've been back on my niacin for a month I'll likely buy one of the home cholesterol kits and see where I'm at.

In other TMI news I need to get a doctor's appointment for a chest xray/mri to check the size of the ganglioneuroma behind my shoulder blade. I also need to get a referral for something more private as my wife and I have decided that we shall have no more children. (Note: buy a bag of frozen peas.)

I've been mentally shifting things around in the cluttered recesses of the attic full of toys and have come to the conclusion that no one is sane not even me. Not really a surprise but still it's nice to put it out there and not have it rattling around my head.

But honestly I'd rather be insane to a certain degree than completely sane. Completely sane people are often bland, colorless, and boring. I'd much rather have the color in my life. ;-)

In other news...PONIES! I have someone from Canada mailing me a pocket Applejack. Too bad there's not a good Fluttershy to complete the set. The blind bag Fluttershy has 'Dash's hair but in pink. Just wrong on so many levels.

Spring has hit with a vengeance. Provided it dries out this weekend I'll likely have to start mowing and trimming. I also need to get cracking on the back and side gardens because we seriously need the fresh veggies and with our finances that's damn expensive otherwise.

I was walking the dog around the yard and it's surprising how ragged and unkempt everything looks. Not only do I need to clean out the gutters but I need to repair some of them as well. They really need gutter screens. If those stupid plastic things didn't cost so much I'd just buy a bunch right now. I also have to either repair or more likely replace all our solar path lights as they just seem to suck. I think I'm going to buy a long string of them off EBay and either replace the circuits in the remaining unbroken units OR just construct some of them myself. Either way I want a central charging unit so that they always get sunlight. A few of my currently placed ones don't get much sun where they're at.

I'm also thinking of making a simple solar chimney on the back end of the workshop. That will help keep things cool during the summer via convection. I'm thinking about making a solar heater for the back wall of the workshop as well that feeds into the window back there. I'd need to make a vertical vent on the outside of that for whem I want the hot air not to come in the window but everything else is just wood, insulation, and plexiglass. (Thermal pane would be too expensive but probably much better efficiency-wise.) With the vent open it would route the heat to the solar chimney and increase it's function as well. So maybe it's possible to passively heat and cool that building during the day. (I still need to add insulation regardless.)

So...I suddenly have three new job prospects. The original Linux admin job that I want, a "Problem Solver" job that is 6 - 12 months to hire, and a help desk job. (I also have a potential long-term support client.)

What happened to cause this you ask? I accepted the jobs that were offered me in my mind. That's it.

It's not like I haven't been looking for a job until now it's just that I was looking for the "right" job. So because I was looking for the "right" job the universe recognized that all the others weren't "right" and shouldn't even be offered to me. See how that works?

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