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April 26, 2011 11:00 PM 4/26/11

Sometimes you watch movies for no reason other than relaxation. Sometimes you watch them to learn. Sometimes you watch them to be thrilled, chilled, excited, saddened, or amused.

And sometimes you watch them because you don’t know why but maybe the movie contains something you didn’t know you were missing at the moment.

I was cruising my Netflix list while waiting to hear about the Linux admin job (I didn’t get it BTW) and I ran across something near the bottom.

Something Wicked This Way Comes.

It’s an old 80’s adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s book starring among other people Jason Robards. The special effects aren’t spectacular but the movie itself is one of my favorites. (The book as well. I wish they would make a live version of The Halloween Tree.)

I don’t know why but i moved it to the top of my queue and watched it when it came in. (Sent it back today. Need to buy a copy of it when I get a chance.)

It’s funny how the meaning you find in a story can change over time. When I first saw it I identified with the meaning of being careful what you wish for. I understand the old man who regrets the choices he made in his life and how confronting those choices made him free inside.

Stranger still the movie made me feel old and young at the same time. And I think that’s part of the problem with me.

For years I had to act older to try and get a handle on my emotions and actions and thinking. Now as I get older I find I have to act younger to keep myself moving forward in life.

And that’s where it gets confusing to me. I mean from my point of view while we have to be responsible why do we ever have to be old?

I mean it!

Every day I see hear people “He’s too old to act that way!”, “She should act more her age!”, “Why don’t those two be more adult!”.

I call bullshit. Seriously.

I can see NO reason why someone has to be “old” and EVERY reason why they should be young.

As long as they are responsible and have common sense why should they have to act in any particular manner?

And this...this is why I love fandom. Without fail almost every person I’ve ever met in fandom knows how to be young inside. Oh they may grump and creak and groan but if you give them a sword, phaser, light saber, wizard’s staff, wand, sonic screwdriver, or something similar then the transformation is almost instantaneous.

So what’s the difference between those that are “old” and those that are “young”?

Play. Imagination. Dreams. All of the above. Those things to me are more valuable than anything you could possibly give me.

And I guess that’s why people are so worn out in life. We work so hard at things we don’t want to do just for those few moments where we live part of our dreams that the light of our spirits burns out too quickly. The balance between work and play becomes off.

Too often in our societies it’s off in the direction of work but it can be off in the other direction. I’ve known people of both persuasions.

The things that gets me...the thing that really boils my that we quite often do not teach people to balance this. We often teach people how to work, what to say, how to learn (sometimes), and where to go. But never how to live. How to balance their lives. How to stay young.

We tell people that playing is for the physically young and that we “must put away childish things” as we age. We _purposely_ kill play in favor of work!

And then we wonder why there are so many unhappy people in the world?

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