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18:15 PM 05/04/2011

Well I had my first interview today in a bazillion years.

The interview was for a position at Motorola that is a jack-of-all-trades kind of job. I won't go into it any further for a lot of reasons but I feel I'm a damn good fit for the position.

I won't know until Friday if I've got the position or not so I'm in waiting mode.

The drive there was pretty easy but I have to wonder what it'll be like during rush hour. Speaking of driving...

Today I also got a cold call from a company that sells and services VOIP systems in Lemont, IL and have an interview with them tomorrow. Lemont is a good hour and a half from my house so they're going to have to make it really worth my while if they offer me a position.

Regardless the dam seems to have opened the floodgates finally. Count me more than a little relieved.

Now...I'm gonna go lie down and take a short nap... ;-)

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Tags: driving, interviews, job hunting
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