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May 9, 2011 2:18 PM 5/9/11

So I finally was able to get gas to mow my lawn today and....the front axle on the lawn tractor broken. For those of you who work on your own vehicles my tractor now looks a car with broken lower ball joints.

I’m pretty sure I can cobble together a repair using the 1/2” thick piece of milled aircraft aluminum I have lying around but if I can’t then it’s going to cost me about $250 to replace the part. (Provided I don’t bid and win the local tractor of the exact same model I found on E-Bay today.) Regardless it’s money we really can’t afford to spend right now.

The replacement part would also prevent me from using the plow on that tractor again unless I modify it or can use the old bracket because the old axel has a solid tube for the deck/plow pin on the front while the new one only has a couple of tabs with holes in them. I’d rip those off the first time I hit a snow bank! They don’t make ‘em like they used to. (Of course my plowing with a steel blade is likely what weakened it.)

Still haven’t heard anything on the job front yet. Supposed to hear something today but I’m going to be patient. if I don’t hear today I’ll drop an e-mail tomorrow morning. I really like the job as it was presented. It feels like an environment I’d enjoy working in.

Don’t have even half the stuff for my camping trip compiled yet. Still need a filter bottle. I’ve got iodine tablets if I need them but a filter bottle really would be better. And not one of the tap water ones you can buy at the store now all of a sudden. I do have a camp stove if necessary but I’m still noodling on designing one based on an oil lantern. I think I’ve got the design in my head I just need to fabricate and test again.

No progress right now on anything artistic. I’m up against the wall on the employment front so all that is pushed into the background right now. My deadline is sometime in early July and that’s coming up fast. Gotta find something...

Well if I can’t mow then I can at least get some things done around the house. Off to do laundry!

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