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A screen of white is quite a plight...

May 17, 2011 2:49 PM 5/17/11

So yesterday my wife’s brakes stuck a little and I had to repair them today. (Rear brake shoe is likely in need of replacement but at least her front brakes work fine now.)

So after swapping her van back with my car today I tried to call her and my iPhone was all white with grey lines in it. Even after a reboot.

After some testing it seems I can receive calls using the headset but not make them or see anything on the screen. Nor does it respond to touch properly.

*sigh* I have a call appointment with Apple support tonight at 6 p.m. on my wife’s phone. I’m pretty sure Applecare is still on the phones so it will likely mean a trip to Woodfield Mall and the Genius Bar to get it repaired/replaced.

Still nothing on the employment front and the phone in need of repair doesn’t make it any easier. I’m going to have to do cold calls using her phone until I can get mine fixed.

On top of everything else I’m starting to get worn out again. And damaging myself slowly.

Managed to pick up my L-Tryptophan again from this last check. That helps a lot because it balances out my mental processes. Something good anyway.

I’ve been grounding and centering myself every day. It helps a little but I’m still not focused enough.

The WIAA grant lady contacted me again. I gave her a 100% status on everything. Maybe she can help somehow. I just hope I don’t have to pay back the grant money because IDES screwed me.

In an effort to try and keep my hand in with Linux I’m running a version called Crunchbang on my wife’s old R51 ThinkPad just to see how it works. It’s not bad but it’s hard to add applications to unless you know which repository to add to the system. (The base repositories are very very light.) It’s almost as thin a version of Linux as NetBSD is of ‘BSD. It has some quirks like the fact that it doesn’t correlate the volume buttons with the on-screen mixer but they do still work.

Still need to do repairs on the truck. I’ve been putting those off. I really need a hand here and my one neighbor has offered but I’m not sure I want to accept it. Maybe. I just don’t want to make the injury on his arm any worse because I need help with things that require lifting and other things.

*3:05 pm alarm goes off on iPhone*

Wow. I was able to swipe to shut off the alarm so maybe the touch screen is working but not the LCD. Doesn’t help much but it’s something at least.

Minor coolness - my pocket Applejack pony came in yesterday. (Paid for months ago with the last of my PayPal money.) She needs a hat but I don’t know where I’d find one the right shape or size. So I have all of the mane cast in pocket form except Fluttershy, Luna, Spike, and Celestia. But since they don’t really make those ones in pocket form yet I guess it’ll have to do. (They make a “blind bag” Fluttershy but her hair isn’t right so it’s no-go there.)

Well I need to continue cleaning house so it’s ready when the daughter gets home and I need to prep for dinner among other things. So off to the races...

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