nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Better than no work...

22:24 PM 05/19/2011

So tomorrow I start a 4 day short-term contract through a recruiting service. It won't replace my unemployment but it's something anyway. It gets me back in the workforce.

I'm kind of concerned that in the current environment the unemployment people will say "Hey! You worked! No more money for you!" even though this is going to be way less than 40 hours and for a lot less money than I've worked for in the past.

Anyway I get to do some I/T work tomorrow and later this weekend. Whee! Hopefully this will lead to more work if it goes well.

I'm hoping I can keep my artistic side once I get back to work. I lost it once I don't want to lose it again.


I'm off to bed all. 'Night!

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Tags: 1099, unemployment
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