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07:13 AM 05/24/2011

Just a quick note to keep away the bankrupt pants...

On the last day of the temporary job through a recruiter. Not too bad. I'm hoping to get more jobs through them because they're a large firm and I've said I'll happily work short jobs as long as they keep them coming.

They've said that they get a lot of calls for short jobs where the client only wants someone to hang around a few days or a week and honeslty I'm okay with that. I kind of like the idea of doing a different job every time or so. Keeps it from being boring.

It's not 40 hours at the moment but I'm hoping it doesn't screw my unemployment. Thankfully there's a couple more contract jobs coming up very soon. Anything I can do to fill the pipe. And honestly if the jobs are interesting or even just temporary but boring I don't mind putting in a lot of hours. Being hourly rocks so much more than being salary.

In the meantime I've been experimenting with Sculpey clay for making odd trinkets and jewelry. It's pretty cool stuff but I wish I could find a clearcoat that doesn't smell. The one I have now looks like it has to outgas for a week or more before it doesn't smell like bad plastic.

I'd love to find a natural clay material that doesn't require a kiln and isn't "playdough" but there doesn't seem to be one. I wonder if my friend still has her kiln and wants to get rid of it...

Still wishing for a RepRap (3D printer) but those cost a good grand if bought complete so it's definitely out of my price range right now. Hopefully I can piecemeal one together as more money becomes available.

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