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Microwave kilns?

07:50 AM 05/25/2011

In response to my previous posts my mother has suggested a microwave kiln as a possible starting point. Has anybody on my flist used one of these or know anybody who's used one? I can't seem to beat the price and they seem to be able to do ceramics and even some PMC stuff. (1650 degrees max) I'd have to pick up a spare microwave from the thrift store (don't want to mix PMC/clay firing chemicals with food) but those are really really cheap.

I mean a small one of these only costs about $80 so that's really affordable. And if they do silver PMC like they say they do that's even better because it means I can deal with some of the silver designs I have sketched out.

The thing these kilns were created for is fusing glass as well as casting glass. I've got some lovely deep blue glass that would look wonderful as a pendant... ;-)

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