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A passing in time...

15:22 PM 06/04/2011 - and 100 degrees according to my weather server. And humid. Ugh.

In between basting myself with butter so I taste good when I die of the heat I was perusing IMDB's forums concerning The Sarah Jane Adventures. The predominate posts being about if the series could be continued or spun off or something as the BBC has said they aren't going to produce any more episodes out of respect for Elisabeth Sladen's passing.

Well several ideas were bandied about - regeneration among them - but something occurred to me. There _is_ a character out there that could take over the show. And quite easily. She's young. Energetic. And completely related to the story.

Yes I'm talking about the Doctor's daughter from...The Doctor's Daughter. Georgia Moffett is certainly up to the role and as a I hesitate to call her a Time Lord...her character certainly looks at the world with the same bright eyes as the existing children from SJA. I think it's a seriously good opportunity.

Liz may have carried SJA and made it shine but I think the concept would work as a new show. Not sure what the hell I'd name it though.

*goes back to melting into a puddle*

Where's Odo's bucket when you need it?

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Tags: doctor who, sarah jane, speculation
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