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With temps like this a kiln might be superflous...

11:51 AM 06/07/2011

So it's still quite melty here. I've got no less than 9 fans running in the house - 3 window, 1 floor, and 5 ceiling. Our electric bill should be interesting next month. Still cheaper than running window A/C units though.

The recruiters have added another week long job onto the end of this coming week long job so that's good. And they tell me they have a local month long job they're trying to get going here soon. All good.

What's not so good is that I report the income from these jobs to unemployment and it closes my unemployment claim until I re-open it again. When I re-open it there is a delay in getting me processed again and it takes two weeks again before the money starts flowing again. _That_ will be a pain. I mean we'll get by without too much trouble but it's still damn irritating. By rights the system should allow me to suspend the claim for two weeks then pick up where I left off.

I swear this system is designed to get people to drop off to improve the unemployment rate! I mean there's a million better ways to do this stuff than the way they do it but nobody seems interesting in improving it. Hell hire a bunch of out of work system analysts and programmers damn it! There's certainly enough out there to choose from...

Meanwhile my pending jobs mean another problem. Our daughter is scheduled to be enrolled in summer school and that is a half-day schedule so someone has to be home when the bus arrives. Except that I'll be working all day at least the next two weeks. No problem we'll just change the drop-off location to her Grandmother's house right? Wrong. SEDOM transportation says that they can't drive to Crystal Lake. And the district in Crystal Lake isn't going to drive to Woodstock to pick up one student that is not theirs regardless of reciprical agreements. So if they can't solve the problem we have the wonderful choice of trying to get Grandma/Grandpa to come up here every day to get her off the bus OR cancel her enrollment in summer school.

I swear if I had a still in the house I'd be blind drunk all the time...

In slightly better news I managed to get my Linux ThinkPad set up for writing, drawing, recording, and a few other creative endeavors. One such is I managed to get MSP-gcc working so I can write programs for my TI LaunchPad chips I have lying around. I managed to write and upload a test program to the development board and it runs fine. I like those particular chips because they're cheap and are able to run pretty much standalone.

On the writing front I think that will start flowing again once I get back to work. All the extra work I need to do for unemployment along with a bunch of other things around the house really eats into my time. But if the recruiters can keep the jobs coming then I likely won't have to re-open my claim at all. And that'll be a damn good thing.

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