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23:32 PM 06/22/2011

Finished another temp job today and it went pretty good. I'm glad to be working again despite some of the home issues it causes.

I've been wearing my wrist brace since the bunging I did to my wrist is finally healing. But while wearing it I keep wishing it had technology in it. A watch at least.

I'm betting you could make a "hardshell" bracer that incorporates a cradle for a smart phone and still remain comfortable. I mean the goal is to keep the wrist from flexing so rigid is obviously the way to go. And if you made it solid you could incorporate concealed pin hinges and magnet latching to make it completely smooth on the outside.

And if you're not going to put your smart phone in it why not put other things? How about a flashlight? Wifi finder? (One of the good ones with an LCD display.) TV-B-Gone? Sonic screwdiver? Any number of techno possibilities really. A small set of fine tools for instance. (And yes I know somebody did a leather bracer with horologist's tools on it but that doesn't support the wrist.

On a slightly less sane note I'm building a beta version of Moonlight on my Crunchbang ThinkPad. (Silverlight for Linux.) It's version 3.99 but I'm still betting it won't work with a lot of things. One of the biggest things that annoyed me was when Netflix went to Silverlight and left anything but Windows and a grudging Mac support out in the cold as far as their site was concerned. I mean Netflix runs on the Boxee Box right? That means there _is_ a Linux client for it! MicroShaft wins again by not licensing their DRM crap to a competitor.

And recent upgrades to both Silverlight and iTunes seems to have caused video playback on my MacBook to stutter like hell on any HD content. *spit!*

On a final note I still haven't figured out where all the gnats are coming from the in the house. We don't have any plants in here to speak of any more and while there is some humidity in the crawl space everywhere else is dry. Giving serious thought to bug bombing the house. We have the cans but we'd have to get off our butts and empty the fridge/freezer/pantry, turn off anything with a pilot light or potential for sparking, bomb the house, then wash _everything_ afterwards. That's an awful lot of work and frankly I'm pretty sure we're not up for it right now.

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